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Hostile Hare’s Nick Klein talks with Rick Austin

Listen to Nick Klein of Hostile Hare, on the Secrets of a Survivalist Radio show. This week, learn how rabbits are the ultimate prepper food source. Find out how 1 female rabbit can create 64 “kits” or about 200 lbs of meat for you and your family per year! And, unlike raising larger animals, you don’t have to preserve rabbit meat because you only need to slaughter what you can eat at any one time! Did you know that the same amount of feed can raise either one lb of beef, or raise 6 lbs of rabbit meat? Find out how rabbit pellets can be used as fuel for gasification. Find out how 25 lbs of barley seeds can create 400 lbs of feed for your rabbits in just 7 days! Find out why it costs $1.35/lb for chicken meat, as opposed to $0.78/lb for rabbit! You can even find out how to dig a hole in the ground to get free off-the-grid air conditioning!

Hostile Hare with Nick Klein

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