Nut Butter Sourdough Cookies – Gnowfglins

Our friend Wardeh Harmon from has a delicious recipe that we had to share! Here’s an excerpt of the basic steps:

I must admit, when I stumble upon something quick and simple and oh-so-now like these nut butter sourdough cookies? Bliss! In less than a half an hour I can have a tasty cookie available for all to enjoy. And since I tend to add as little sweetener to my sweets as possible (in fact, one variety uses no sugar at all!), I happily serve these up for quick breakfasts, snacks on the go, celebrations, before bed tummy fillers, and power foods on the trail.

  1. Preheat Oven & Prepare Cookie Sheet
  2. Combine & Mix Ingredients
  3. Roll Mixture onto Cookie Sheet & Bake
  4. Cool off & Serve!

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Gnowfglins Nut Butter Sourdough Cookies