Beyond Off-Grid’s Director Sean Tounn

Beyond Off Grid Film – Join Sean Tounn (Director) and Jason Matyas (Executive Producer) as they share their insights on their documentary/educational film Beyond Off Grid. The film takes you all over the country, onto the homesteads of some of the most innovative off grid living experts, and shows the public how they manage to be completely self-sustaining. Listen the show and learn how fragile our national infrastructure is, from our financial system, to our national food system, to the electrical grid, and how if you are not growing your own food, you may be one of the faceless victims in the coming catastrophe. Find out why it doesn’t matter how much gold you have, if you can’t grow your own food. Find out how we are no longer the most free country on earth. Find out how if you opt for convenience over the work it takes to be self-reliant, you will forever be a slave to the system. Find out the difference between perceived liberty and true liberty, and how this film can help you attain it.

Beyond Off Grid, Director Sean Toun

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