Interview with Lucinda Bailey of Texas Ready

Texas Ready Seeds

Lucinda Bailey- known as the “Seed Lady” will teach you what to look out for when buying, planting and
storing seeds. For example: if you want to produce enough food to eat, find out why only 10% should be
vegetables, 30% should be root crops, and 60% of your plants should be ground cover crops!

  • Find out why you shouldn’t freeze seeds;
  • Why you shouldn’t buy seeds sent through the post office;
  • How youcan get rid of squash bugs by planting hard shelled squash;
  • Did you know that some GMO seeds contain genes from infertile humans (so that the plants that grow from these seeds will be sterile?);
  • Find out how many canning jars you really need for a year’s worth of food,
  • As well as the best seed saving book you can buy.

Visit & Secret Garden of Survival.

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