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Alex Newton, Author of Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Doctor Prepper’s show today is an interview with Alex Newton, author of “Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.”

Alex’s book was meant to be a primer for people trying to get a basic handle on emergency and disaster preparation.  It is not really a “prepping” book so much as a beginner’s guide to the concepts of being prepared.  I have also added some extra information about zombies, my thoughts on the future and a few other subjects.  The book is a bit of a mixture of things, really.

I have received a lot of really good comments and reviews about the book.  Most of the people that bothered to speak to me after reading it thought it was a very good primer for people unsure of the basics of preparedness and several have mentioned that they felt it was the perfect gift to get friends and family involved based on it’s easy readability, low page count and price.  Several people have said they have used it as a stocking stuffer.

You can also review my website if you are interested in learning more about me or what I try to communicate.  I do have contributors that add articles to my site, so not everything there represents my personal opinion.

Alex Newton, Author