Alternative Prepping & Survival

Doc Cindy and David Nash

Peter Piper picked a peck of prepper projects . . .

David Nash, author of 52 Prepper Projects, joins Dr. Koelker to discuss a variety of prepper
projects – one for each week of the year. Learn how to make professional antiseptic solution, a
simple but effective antimicrobial treatment for ulcers and wounds, how to make your own gruel
from whole grains, and much more.

Armageddon Medicine with Doc Cindy teaches you how to be your own doctor when there’s no
other choice. Drawing from decades of experience as a family physician, Dr. Koelker empowers
you to care for your loved ones and yourself under adverse conditions of any sort. Learn life-
saving skills and information to help you thrive should the lights go out for 30 hours, 30 days,
or 30 years. In addition to her book, Armageddon Medicine and teaching Survival Medicine
Workshops across the Country, she also serves as Medical Editor for

David Nash