Alternative Prepping & Survival

Emergency and Alternate Transportation

Cars & trucks are the obvious place to begin along with knowing how to keep them going.  Keep in mind that “vehicles” are not just about evacuation, but they are tools to help you get work done, especially for moving things and people.

In this program, (a continuation of last week’s show) we explore some of the ways to be prepared to keep moving when the power has been off for a long period of time and fuel delivery has stopped.

However, it is also important to know your options, to have backup and contingency plans.  There are many things that could shut down you “car” either temporarily or permanently so having alternatives will be important.

Kent Scott is a long time friend and associate who has a very diverse background in science and technology, plus a understanding of how and why things work.

He is a consultant that has developed many unusual solutions to a wide variety of issues.  He has an eye towards and experience in self-reliance, that is, find a way to fix it, build it, replace it, turn up a substitute or learn how to do fine without it.  In short he is a creative innovator of solutions that are “outside of the box”.

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