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Interview with Sheri of Pet Prep Radio

Today’s show guest is Sheri Rimes, also known as The Organic Pet Lady.  Sheri is a lifelong animal lover, rescuer, owner and equestrian. She has been specializing in animal nutrition for more than a decade.

Sheri began her career in animal nutrition after leaving the music industry in Los Angeles, California in 1995. Alone and a single mother, she prayed about a way to provide for and still be available to her family.  Sheri feels God answered her prayers with the idea to start a business developing and producing horse treats. “Heavenly Horse  & Dog Treats” was born in 2000.

In January of 2005, “Heavenly Horse & Dog Treats” was reborn as “The Organic Pet”, and the vision grew to providing premium quality, special diet organic snacks for horses, dogs & cats. Sheri then assembled a team of respected professionals, including a group of holistic and traditional veterinarians, a college professor  and owner of an animal wellness center, an equine nutritionist, a biochemist, and a popular author. Through their cooperation and mentorship, Sheri developed several award-winning special diet-friendly organic snacks. These products have a long list of champion dogs whose owners attribute Sheri’s products fo r their winning ribbons!

Sheri has a unique approach to organics she has developed through years of research and personal experience. She also has a gift for connecting with animals. Sheri has done extensive rescue work with horses, dogs & cats and supports low-cost spay/neuter practices. She is a published author and has penned many articles in trade publications on the subject of nutrition and care for horses, dogs & cats. Sheri is also a lifelong advocate to help save the wild mustangs from extinction.

Sheri Pet Prep Radio