Alternative Prepping & Survival

The Right Mindset on Planning and Preparedness

Richard Duarte, husband, father, grandfather, attorney, and author of Surviving Doomsday—A Guide for Surviving An Urban Disaster is on a mission to discuss preparedness and survival with everyone who will listen. Richard lives and works in Miami, and survived Hurricane Andrew––the most powerful and destructive hurricane ever up until 1992. After that storm completely destroyed his home, Richard realized the need to become prepared for natural and man-made events—which he calls Worst-Case Scenarios. Though he only lost his home and possessions, Richard  realized that there would be other urban disasters due to weather, economical and financial factors, and perhaps political and social problems.

Richard discusses his views about how people can get the right mindset about planning and preparedness, while maintaining a reasonable attitude. .

Richard discusses how to focus on being able to continue life in the face of situations creating a TEOTWAWKI condition. His experience with the Core Survival Elements and how to take control of planning and preparing as an intellighent lifestyle choice.

Every urban family needs this book in their library—and utilizing it as a guide for their family’s protective action!

Author and Attorney Richard Duarte