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Take Control of Your Own Healthcare!

Join the Hostess of Your Preparation Station, Donna Miller as she introduces you to her daughter Brittney, who plays a vital role of alternative healthcare within the Miller Family Preparedness Plan.  Listen in as we discuss 6 of the 8 Essential Oils included the doTerra Family Physician’s Kit (Lavender, Lemon, Frankincense, Oregano, Melaleuca [Tea Tree] and Peppermint) and how each can be used to address the usual ailments that beset a family. Take healthcare back into your own control!

Brittney is an avid experimenter of natural alternatives to conventional health, body, and home care products. She has a desire for healing to reach every facet of the human life. Brittney works in the healthcare field as a CNA, but her passion is to share and inspire others toward better living through the use of nutrition, recreation, herbs, essential oils, and other God-given alternatives. She is a doTERRA® Independent Product Consultant and shares her holistic health journey on her blog at

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Your Preparation Station, Brittney Miller