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Investing In Real Assets with Guest Rich Davis

Our last four Presidents went to either Harvard or Yale, and these two schools educate over one half of the Fortune 1,000 CEOs   – So, why is it that both university endowments don’t invest any more than 7% to 12% into US Equities? Why don’t they have faith in the very companies and country that their alumni control?

Which assets did the robber barons own during the great depression and WWII?  What are today’s billionaires and World Political Powers striving to control? It is real assets– like land, clean water,  metals and minerals.

And find out why a rural farm or survival garden is an even better form of personal wealth!

In this interview, we take the Hansel and Gretel approach –and follow the bread crumbs –to find out  what are the world’s elite billionaires and their Alma Marta’s are investing in. And what you can do as a prepper.

Meet Rich Davis.  Rich is the Founder of BEST FQ and is the Manager of a non-traditional asset portfolio which invests in Real Assets- specifically:  Clean Water, Agricultural & Farm Land, Precious, Base Metals & Minerals Mining , Energy, & Timber. In these uncertain times, find out why you should too.

Secrets of A Survivalist, Guest Rich Davis

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