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Teach a Man to Garden, Free Gardening Classes on the Mittleider Method

Doctor Prepper interviews Jim Kennard, Master Gardener  and President of the Food for Everyone Foundation, a Mittleider non-profit organization continuing the work of Doctor Jacob Mittleider, the renowned developer of raised-bed gardening. Jim was a devotee of the Mittleider method of gardening, and joined Dr. Mittleider in his worldwide effort to save lives by introducing his gardening methods.

Dr. Mittleider taught growers the principals of introducing clean, healthy organic residues into the ground immediately and all at once for the maximum benefit to soil and plants, and then applied small amounts of God-given natural mineral nutrients at regular intervals to assure that the plants would have complete and balanced nutrition. Before his death, Dr. Mittleider turned the organization and all his materials over to Jim Kennard, and Jim created the non-profit organization so he could help 3rd world countries develop better farms and gardens.  Jim accepted the charge and the responsibility (and privilege) of advancing the cause of family self-reliance through vegetable gardening. Jim has since worked in Turkey, Madagascar, multiple projects in Armenia and Georgia, and in Colombia, and has conducted many gardening seminars around the United States

Jim Kennard was the oldest boy at home during his youth and his parents held him responsible for the cow, the other “farm” animals, as well as the family garden. When he married, with a wife and young family of 5 girls to feed, Jim almost always grew a garden––for economic as well as health reasons.

Jacob R. Mittleider’s book More Food From Your Garden became very popular, and Jim and his family used it to create an extremely productive container or Grow-Box garden on a sunny 20 X 30 foot part of their yard, and practically lived out of the garden for 6 months. Jacob was so busy giving seminars that he moved from California to Salt Lake City UT in 1978, and because Jim and his family lived only a mile away, they became acquainted. Jim build and maintained a garden  according to Jacob’s standards, so they became better friends. Jacob would occasionally visit the garden and work with Jim, and even invited Jim to his home to work in his garden and learn from him. After Jim retired from other full-time pursuits, determined to devote himself to carrying on Dr. Mittleider’s work, establishing the Food for Everyone Foundation as a Public Charitable organization. That helped expand the reach of the Mittleider Method, including conducting training projects around the world and 1/2-day seminars throughout America, as well as through the Internet.

LDSPREPPER was also in the recording session. He has been active in converting his own backyard garden to a Mittleider installation with all the whistles and bells!

Both will be at a number of Mittleider training sessions in San Antonio and New Braunfels on the weekend of Nov. 15-16, 2013. They are free and require only a sign-up at They are free!

Jim Kennard, Mittleider Gardening Method