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Interview with Creator of Prepare My Life Planner, Tami Girsberger

Tami Girsberger, an experienced preparedness diva, was the guest on the Doctor Prepper C.P.R. Talk Show today. Tami has more than 15 years in the preparedness industry, and is a recognized author, entrepreneur, businesswoman, lecturer, teacher, educator, and product designer.

Her latest venture has been the creation of the Prepare My Life Planner. With her Planner, individuals and families can gather and organize the documents, facts, and information to help them chronicle and protect what’s needed to re-establish their life and belongings should their lives be disintermediated by an unfortunate disaster. She offered a special discounted price (PLUS FREE SHIPPING) for the unique Planner. Listen to the show to get that low promotional pricing and promo code!

Tami also created a unique GROUP BUY program, offering special preparedness-related products and services on a monthly basis. An example of the Group Buy program is the exclusive Breakfast Bucket––her proprietary product for the Monthly program. It’s such a great deal: normally $189, but $40 off with the promo code at checkout.

She’s authored two books about preparedness food preparation, too! Learn more about Tami at

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