Prepper Patch Radio Show

A Visit with Doctor Prepper, James Talmage Stevens

Tony and guest Doctor Prepper A.K.A. James Talmage Stevens talk about the, which has thousands of self-reliance radio shows available for FREE download.  A companion website is which is a temporary site with many prepper radio shows available for download.  Presently, all of The Prepper Patch radio shows are fully listed and available for download on the website.  These are great sites for preppers to go and download radio shows that suit their interests when they have the time to do so.  Tony and James also discussed how they are co-promoting James’s book Making the Best of the Basics, the Family Preparedness Handbook at PrepperFest AZ Expo in March, 2014.  Attendees can present their ticket stubs at Doctor Preppers booth and receive up to $20 off of the cost of the $40 book.  James will also autograph his book at no extra charge.