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Courage, Hope, Valor: The Lifesaving Therapy of Pets for Vets

If you appreciate our veterans, and if you have ever loved a pet- YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS SHOW!

Did you know that 22 of our military veterans commit suicide every single day?  Often times these men and women have experienced such unthinkable trauma- both physical and mental, that it is difficult for them to come back home and live a normal life.  All too often our military men and women have had to leave the best parts of themselves out on the battlefield.

In the same regard, there are countless perfectly healthy and loving,  but abandoned dogs in the US, that end up being euthanized,  simply because they have no place to call home.

Pets for Vets is the brainchild of Clarissa Black, who realized that animal therapy for veterans in the VA setting worked- but she thought-  Why shouldn’t these vets be able to get “therapy” 24/7?

Today Pets for Vets runs a “match-making service” for homeless dogs and sometimes hopeless veterans, and the result changes each life for the better.

Listen to how Pets for Vets finds specific dogs for each specific veteran, and how they train each dog before they move into the veteran’s home, with specific training geared toward that vet’s needs.

Listen to the heartwarming stories of vets and their pets who were “saved” by each other, and how neither is a statistic now, as a result.  Listen to how these vets have overcome PTSD, reduced their need for medication, been helped to return to society, and how their companion dog, made them whole again.

If you care about our veterans, and want to thank them for their service- you need to listen to this show.

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