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Welcoming a New Pet into the Home, Part 2: Paw Care, DIY Chew Toys

Part II of Welcoming a Pet into the Home for the Holidays airs for the 1st Show of 2014- Pet Prep Radio with Sheri “The Organic Pet Lady”, continues on with a show on preparing to bring a new pet into the home for the holidays, Paw Care and How to Make a Chew Toy!

The Paw Care segment includes a great recipe for Paw Wax to make for your dogs and cats-super for cold and hot weather-andf course, I offer easy directions for making your own safe chew toys for your fur-babies! If you don’t feel like making it, contact us to buy some from us for our fundraiser for Save The Kitties Cat Rescue.

We also cover housebreaking your new family member, whether it’s a puppy or a rescue grown up dog you are introducing to your family, I share some good, solid tips that are sure to work!

Also, enjoy our newest feature on Pet Prep Radio, music from some great unsigned bands-This week, once again, we welcome one of Cleveland’s own from the Metal Scene, the band, “Shades of Remembrance” and the song, DISARRAY, from their newest project, “VEIL”!

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