Secrets of a Survivalist

Realistic Safety Strategies for Girls and Women

Teaching girls and women how to protect themselves-both now- and in a disaster.

Do you have a daughter, girl-friend, wife, sister or mother that you care about? Are you concerned about their everyday survival and well-being, as well as their ability to survive and protect themselves in a disaster situation?  Listen to this show and find out how traditional gender roles impact the ability of girls and women to stay safe and survive in crisis situations, and what are the biggest dangers that girls and women face.   Does intuition play a role in survival?  What do girls and women worry about most when it comes to personal safety and survival? Is it possible for females to physically protect themselves from a male attacker who’s bigger and stronger?  What’s the best weapon for girls and women?  What’s the number one thing girls and women should be doing to prepare for disasters and catastrophes?

Most people believe survivors are the hard, tough, ‘Rambo’ types. It’s important to for everyone, but especially girls and women, to understand that survival is not necessarily about “toughness”. In fact, there are five qualities that characterize true survivors that are really surprising.

This week on the Secrets of a Survivalist Radio show, our guest is Nicole Sundine of Realistic Safety Solutions.

As a Victim Advocate and Detective, Nicole conducted countless investigations and provided crisis intervention to hundreds of girls and women who were victims of harassment, abuse and violence.

Now she is an influential author and speaker, who uses modern methods that resonate with girls and women to teach personal protection skills in an entirely new way.

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