Secrets of a Survivalist

Medical Waste Nuclear Dirty Bombs, Anthrax, and Smallpox with Dr. Tom Stoner

How easy is it for a terrorist to launch a biological weapon attack against the US? Well, come to find out- you should be VERY concerned. Listen to a doctor who served in the USAF Medical Corp from 1995 to 2005 where he worked to control the threat of Anthrax and Smallpox to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Find out why he believes that a dirty bomb using nuclear medical waste, small pox and weaponized anthrax are among the top threats facing us from terrorists. Find out about realistic vaccine availability, as well as other preparedness first aid needs such as suture and wound care management, bleeding control, and basic life support from Dr. Tom Stoner, a medical doctor who is also a preparedness expert, author, and disaster preparedness speaker.  Warning: Some photos are gruesome!

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