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Iron Mountain, Author Dan Haight

Doctor Prepper interviews Daniel Haight to discuss the unforgettable TEOTWAWKI adventure, “Iron Mountain.” This is the sequel to Dan’s initial novel, “Flotilla,” his book about survival in a dystopian society.

Dan’s popular science-fiction adventure is set in the near future as the United States explodes with violence following a massive nuclear and biological attack.  The main character is a teen living aboard an ocean-based “sea-steading” colony off the coast of Los Angeles, raising fish or whatever is economical to produce to stay alive, feed himself and take care of his little sister.  He is forced to grow up fast and learn how to survive in a dangerous and constantly changing world. Jim, weathering the chaos along with other citizens, knows their safety is not guaranteed.  Finding a safe place in a dangerous world will uncover desperate choices and painful truths.  Jim might survive, but nothing will ever be the same.

“Iron Mountain” continues to follow Jim’s efforts to find his family and stability, and is an explosive thriller that is being called ‘The Hunger Games meets Life of Pi’ by advanced reviewers.  On March 10th, “Iron Mounain” will become available to all major retailers through Ingram book distributors. Content and e-book platforms such as Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble will have the book available for sale immediately. Once the bound copies are in place, Team Flotilla will be reaching out to Dan’s audience through email, social, print and broadcast media to tell the world about this amazing book that early readers are comparing to ’Ender’s Game.’ They will be making arrangements with local retailers to carry “Iron Mountain” in their stores and coordinating personal and virtual book signing events so bookstore customers all across America, regardless of their size, have access to new authors and new stories. Through all of this coordinated activity, they are screaming to the world: “’Iron Mountain’ is an amazing new book with a wonderful universe to explore––dive in!”

“Iron Mountain’s” author credits include the “Flotilla” series and many published short stories. As a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, he refers to himself as a ‘blue collar geek’ with a passion for writing, working with his hands and being a dad. A former disk jockey, Dan is talking about the “Flotilla” series on radio and podcast shows all over the world.  He can be found online, interacting with fans through Reddit, Twitter and Tumblr.

Dan is more than just a writer, geek and parent––he’s also an active prepper.  “I don’t just write about this stuff,” he assures readers.  “I live it.  Prepping is a lifestyle I’ve embraced for more than 10 years.”

You can learn more about Dan Haight through the following online resources:

Daniel Haight is an emerging writer whose credits include the “Flotilla” series and many published short stories.  As a native San Francisco Bay Area, he is equal parts ‘geek’ and ‘blue collar,’ with a love for writing, developing technology and working with his hands.  A former disk jockey, Dan is often heard on radio and podcast shows all over the world.  He works as an IT guy during the day and writes in his off-hours.

“Flotilla” is a dystopian story in which a messed-up teen named Jim is thrown into the ocean, literally and figuratively, to become both a survivor and a hero. Jim leaves an addiction rehab center to join his father aboard an experimental colony off the Los Angeles coast raising fish through the process of mariculture (open-sea fish farming).  This floating city is also a dangerous ecosystem, filled with strange and dangerous characters.   Daily adventures reveal that the colony has become a conduit for drug-dealing, gambling and human trafficking.  Fortunes have been created that people will lie, cheat or kill to protect.  Jim is forced to accept that second chances can come with strings attached.

The tension explodes when a terrorist attack hits nearby Los Angeles. Jim and his sister are safe for the moment aboard the Colony but Rick is drafted and taken ashore. Now the kids are left helpless to deal with angry drug pirates and crooked cops. Will Jim be able save himself and his sister? Is doing the right thing always the right choice?

This is a whirlwind adventure over two summers that paints a vivid picture of adventure and hardship. It is also a deeply moving look at the impact of sustainable technology on some hilariously dysfunctional, flawed characters. Readers are finding Flotilla to be a stirring coming-of-age tale that brings together fathers and sons and conquers loss through courage and inner strength.

Dan Haight
446 Vega Terrace
Fremont, CA 94536
(510) 982-6350

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