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Small Actions, Big Impact. Recycle Bank’s Erin Pruss

Today, I have as my guest Erin Pruss from Recyclebank.  Erin shares how Recyclebank is helping to not only motivate but also reward people for the efforts or repurposing, reusing and recycling items.  You’ll find great blogs, a rewards program (local and on line) and much more!

I hope you’ll listen and get acquainted with the money you can save and the perks you gain when you recycle with Recyclebank, while becoming more self-sufficient!

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Donna Miller

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Donna Miller Hostess ImageDonna Miller, Hostess

At the leadership of her husband Joseph, Donna and her family have been actively preparing for over 25 years. It was only a few short years ago that the discussions about “preparation” seemed far-fetched and radical. Today, it has become a mainstream topic all over the world – and people are now highly active toward learning how to be more prepared. We’ve been blessed to meet many people along the preparedness journey who inspire and encourage us. This journey looks different for each family and we’ve enjoyed learning and growing along the way. We have had first-hand experience with building and living out of a year’s food supply, bartering and teaching ourselves ‘old skills’ to enrich our lives. We are always looking for others to join with us in this journey and are grateful for the opportunity to share ideas, tips, skills, and lots of money-saving suggestions. Our desire is to peacefully build an encouraged and empowered, prepared and self-sufficient community in the midst of chaotic times. Donna Miller is a teacher, author, sought-after speaker and trainer. She has been a both guest and host on internet and broadcast radio talk-shows and in television interviews. She enjoys teaching online and local classes & ladies retreats for people to learn more than head-knowledge of preparedness skills. Donna is happily married and has three adult children, and a daughter in-law. She and her husband (Joseph) are the founders of both Millers Grain House, Your Preparation Station and are on the board of PREPARE Magazine.

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