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Ebola Virus & Pandemics, Doctor Bones & Nurse Amy

Worried about the E-bola virus and other potential pandemics? Well- you should be! Ebola- there is no cure and no treatment. And this new strain is has a mortality rate of 50-90%.

Listen to this show to find out:

  • What exactly is a pandemic?
  • How do pandemics spread?
  • What causes a common illness, like the flu, to become deadly?
  • How is this Ebola outbreak different from all the rest?
  • How do you become medically prepared against this type of disease?
  • What supplies should we have in our medical storage?
  • How do you set up a survival sick room?

Find out this and a lot more on this week’s Secrets of a Survivalist Radio show, where we ask Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy how to prepare for this potential world-wide disaster.


Rick Austin Host ImageRick Austin, Host

Using sustainable living and home building practices for over 30 years, Rick Austin is a permaculture gardening, solar, and off-grid living expert. Rick’s anecdotal presentations make him a sought-after presenter and speaker.
Secrets of a Survivalist gives you the best secrets from off-grid and survival experts, covering retreat construction, self-defense, growing food, and more!

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