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World Affairs – And Why Preppers Should Care!

What does the Federal Reserve, the value of the dollar, underground cities in China, Russian expansionism, and rogue nuclear nations like North Korea have to do with the survival of the United States?

Find out about hidden one world government agendas, communists taking over leadership of the governments in countries all around us, and how communists have infiltrated the highest levels of our own government.

Find out why World War III will be a survivable nuclear war, and why they will use EMPs against our citizens and targeted nukes against our military installations, so that they can take over our infrastructure intact. And after 80-90% of our population dies (after the EMPs), they will just walk in and move into our homes, offices, and factories.

Are the Russians and Chinese really plotting to destroy us and take everything our soil?

Will a new World War be just what our own government is waiting for to declare martial law and take away our Bill of Rights?

Listen to this week’s Secrets of a Survivalist radio show to hear Joel Skousen who publishes the World Affairs Brief, to find out.

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Rick Austin Host ImageRick Austin, Host

Using sustainable living and home building practices for over 30 years, Rick Austin is a permaculture gardening, solar, and off-grid living expert. Rick’s anecdotal presentations make him a sought-after presenter and speaker.
Secrets of a Survivalist gives you the best secrets from off-grid and survival experts, covering retreat construction, self-defense, growing food, and more!

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