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Escape to Patagonia with David Chu

David Chu, author of Escape to Patagonia, interviewed as Doctor Prepper’s guest on his show on the 9th of April 2014.

David Chu, an ex-patriate citizen saw many people leaving the country because of the lack of reasonable government continuing as new leaders began to increase their strong-handed take-over of the country. David understood exactly how those people were feeling, since he had been born in China and had “flown the coop” when he saw “the handwriting on the wall!”

David has an interesting background and journey from growing up in Shanghai, Communist China, to living in Vancouver, Canada, then working in the U.S. for some 20 years––ultimately becoming a neocon nut! He helped organize “Support Our Troops” rallies in Santa Rosa, CA in March 2003. He said he truly believed that Bush Jr. was going into Iraq to liberate the Iraqi people! He said he still has the original letters from Bush Jr. and Tony Blair that commended his Santa Rosa efforts!

He now believes the United States has become a very dangerous Police State and that it is basically near the end of its dominance in the world: economically, financially and geopolitically. He feels the U.S. is on its last leg as the world’s genocidal empire.

“Like most people in the USA, I was pretty much asleep until 2003…I used to be a very conservative, right-wing person who believed in the American dream, the pax americana…so much so that in March 2003, I was helping organize rallies in support of US troops. This was at the beginning of the Iraq war…I was in Santa Rosa CA and we organized these rallies––thousands of people showed up! The Republicans were wondering how the heck did this guy bring out all these people waving flags and these giant placards that said Support Our Troops.  We had four rallies in Santa Rosa during that month alone!

“So that’s where I started from. But then I went down the rabbit hole––very, very deep. To the point where I began to realize there were many problems with the 9/11 was the issue. It took me about a year to assimilate it and to digest it. I really, truly, like a lot of immigrants who come to this great country, I really believed in the good America, the Hollywood version, you know? And when I finally accepted the fact that the only ‘conspiracy theory’ on 9/11 is the government’s propaganda story…that took me about a year to digest. And once I assimilated that, my eyes opened up really wide, and I started to look at all sorts of issues.

“Long story short, it has led me down this path – I call it the path of my freedom, as it were. And I left the United States in August 2008.

That’s why he chose to escape to Northern Patagonia, geographically located in the southernmost part of Argentina on the Eastern seaboard of South America on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

Though the economy often tanks (you’ll recall the story of Ferfal) it’s still a place where the government takes responsibility for its citizens.

David says that living in Argentina, especially in Northern Patagonia, is like living in paradise. It is still very inexpensive to live in Patagonia and he has the kind of quality of life and freedom that many expect and a few enjoy.

He discusses some of the major problems in Argentina right now and how they can be circumvented. He believes Argentina and Argentineans are much better positioned than any other country to survive what’s coming throughout the world––whether it financial collapse or world war.

These are some of the topics discussed on this show. Get more details about the Patagonian paradise in his article at:


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