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Talking with Dan of NuManna Food Storage

Doctor Prepper’s guest for this show is Dan, Owner and President, NuManna healthy food storage.

NuManna healthy food storage provides flexible, ready-to-fix meals––as easy to prepare as boiling water––in-handy-to store buckets designed to stack. Each meal comes packaged in a 5mm over-engineered Mylar bag with an oxygen absorber designed to store well over 25 years. All meals are GMO-Free, no MSG, no ASPARTAME, no HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, and contain only grade “A” ingredients. NuManna foods contain no chemical preservatives. You no longer need to sacrifice quality for taste with NuManna. If you are looking for great-tasting storable foods, why wouldn’t you choose NuManna?

Since NuManna foods are difficult to fully appreciate without tasting them, you can get a free sample by going to the website: and request one of their meals. Choose ONE of four sample meals and it will be send it to your door––all you do is pay for the Priority Mail shipping. NuManna is that confident in its products! You’ll appreciate the passion and obsession NuManna has towards storable foods!

NuManna healthy food storage are made with GMO-Free ingredients. Also, chemical preservatives are rare. As one of the pioneers in the industry, food storage that is healthy as well as tasty can get your kids excited about dinner…now that’s NuManna!

Here are some of the products available for NuManna:

The effects of food on our overall health have never been a bigger concern. Chemical preservatives, food allergies, gluten intolerance, MSG, and certainly Genetically-Modified (GMO) foods are all challenging our health and physical well-being.

NuManna Foods is well aware of these problems. The founders of NuManna have their own special dietary needs and were seeking storable foods with no added MSG, Aspartame, or High Fructose Corn Syrup before NuManna began. GMO-free ingredients and gluten-free options were also a high priority. They didn’t find storable food meals quite up to the standards set for their own family. That’s when they decided to create special menus and recipes––immediately becoming one of the first storable food makers of its kind to offer such selective and chemical-free products.

NuManna understands customers with exacting standards for foods that fit their dietary requirements. Indeed, food intolerances can be overwhelming. NuManna realizes the Human body cannot ingest preserved typed foods for an extended period of time without getting sick. Food storage and emergency supplies should not create a health crisis––typically, during a period when people rely on stored foods, their bodies and their health are already strained. NuManna . works to meet and exceed customer expectations and make it easy for you to find the high-quality storable foods you want and need without sacrificing flavor or value.

NuManna’s pursuit of the highest quality preparedness food overcomes the frustration you may have felt in searching out healthy food storage. NuManna standard packages are Certified 100% GMO-Free with no preservatives, no Soy, no MSG or other such controversial ingredients. They also offer complete Gluten-free meals with th e same chemical and preservative-free standard. NuManna foods are even free of Autolyzed Yeast Extract––to which many people have allergic reactions. NuManna is a true innovator in healthy and chemically free storable foods. And you know if it’s Numanna you’ll love the taste!

Dan described his company’s products with these comments:

What was the impetus for your long-term food storage product line?

“We developed our products with our own families in mind. We wanted easy-to-fix meals that weren’t full of chemicals and preservatives. We also wanted a product with superior taste that our family would want to eat today or tomorrow. We have developed high-quality meals without MSG, GMO’s and other less desirable additives. We offer NuManna for a great price and give our customers several different ways to buy: including monthly shipments and package discounts. We have the highest packaging standards in the industry. 5 mm over engineered bags with re-sealable tops and oxygen absorbers help provide true 25+ year shelf life. Not all storable foods are created equal. If you are considering storable foods we believe NuManna is the perfect choice for your family’s pantry.

Where should people store their food?

“A rule of thumb is that your storable food is comfortable where you are. The worst enemy of storable foods is temperature fluctuation and inferior packaging that allows oxygen. It is best to put your stores in a consistently cool, dry place. If your NuManna food is stored improperly the shelf life can be greatly diminished. A garage would be one of the worst places because of the temperature changes throughout the year. The easy stack buckets allow storage flexibility. A basement cold storage would be ideal. In your closet would work well. For maximum storage life store at 55 degrees or cooler.

How much water do I need?

“NuManna Foods uses about 1 cup of water per serving cooked. This will vary slightly among the different varieties. To help meet your water demands we offer PROPUR water filters that will allow you to have clean water in virtually any situation.

Why are non-GMO and Gluten-Free food storage products so important?

“Gluten-Free is not a choice for everybody. Around 1% of the population suffers with some level of Celiac disease. This can turn an ordinary loaf of bread into a health emergency because of their gluten intolerance. NuManna is sensitive to dietary requirements. We have listened to our customers and developed 100% Gluten-Free packages for those who need it in addition to our standard packages which are full of the wheat pasta loved by so many.

Genetically Modified food or GMO, short for Genetically-Modified Organism, is rapidly becoming one of the most controversial topics in the food world. When scientists manipulate the DNA of existing food to create new strains the overall effect on Humans is in debate. Protein synthesis is altered. Many studies have indicated serious reasons why we should be concerned about consuming GMO Food. We at NuManna have tried to eliminate such risks from our diet. If we are reluctant to eat GMO’s now why would we want to eat them in the future? or in an Emergency? Why would we want to sell them to our customers? With valid studies showing that GMO’s have degenerative effects on the animals they are tested why would anyone want to risk their health on Genetically Modified ingredients if you don’t have to? With NuManna you at least have a choice about GMO Free food storage.

How does one prepare NuManna meals?

Follow the directions on the package. Start by boiling the water as directed. Pay attention to the amount called for. Rip the top of the Mylar envelope open on the meal of your choice, remove the oxygen absorber and pour the contents in the boiling water. Follow directions, allowing the mix to simmer or boil, stirring often. In minutes your meal will be done.

Are there any other uses for NuManna food?

Any time you need quick, easy-to-fix meal. Pre-packed meals are great to use in outdoor activities like camping, picnics, reunions, etc. We have customers who make NuManna a part of their everyday life. Late for baseball practice? NuManna Meals are a perfect choice.

NuManna packages are specifically chosen to be flexible and mix well with other bulk storage items you have. Have extra rice storage? Cook the rice and mix it with the chili. Now your NuManna foods can easily be extended and your less tasteful rice becomes part of an extremely flavorful meal.

How long will NuManna food last in food storage?

We have put NuManna Foods in 5mm, over-engineered bags. The bags are Nitrogen flushed and have an oxygen absorber to preserve freshness. The ingredients are specifically chosen for taste, quality and longevity. Through testing and manufacturing comparisons we know our storable food has a true 25+ years. If you take reasonable storage measures your NuManna food will be there when you need it––tomorrow or 30 years from now.


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