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A Failure of Civility: A Discussion with Authors Mike Garand and Jack Lawson

Mike Garand and Jack Lawson are former Special Operations unit combat veterans who were involved with rapid-response Airborne and Heli-borne Counter-Insurgency Units, overseeing perimeter protection, training and providing bodyguard services in conflicts in the countries of Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Their book is written to keep families protecting themselves from those who would not be easily deterred when catastrophic events create chaotic conditions in the urban our cities, the suburban neighborhoods, and even on our own doorsteps. When organized with their friends and neighbors, a group can survive better in any future Catastrophic Event, disaster or civil unrest––and in the process, help keep America strong. From their explanations about why we need to organize ourselves, they do not project a “Doom-and-Gloom” attitude––as they characterize some people. They stay prepared for the worst while living normal, fulfilling lives in their communities and with their families.

A Failure of Civility” is an “A-to-Z” primer for those new to the world of “Preparedness” and contains information to guide us with additional knowledge, as learned from those trained in Catastrophic Event survival. “A Failure of Civility” is written in layman’s terms for those with neither law enforcement nor military background. Mike and Jack share their knowledge with other rational, morally sound, ethical and lawful people in an attempt to increase the strength of America.

Mike Garand holds a B.A. degree and the M.SC. degree in Urban Studies with an emphasis on Criminal Justice. He has spent much of his life in the U.S. Military as a Marine and Special Forces Soldier, and is retired from the U.S. Army Reserve. He is also a retired Detective from a major metropolitan police department. He has worked for years as a Contractor for the largest and most well-known of the American private military companies, providing training and security services worldwide. He has seen service numerous times during the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mike is also a member of a U.S. Army Special Forces Association chapter.

Jack Lawson served in the US Air Force and was also a member of a Foreign Legion counter-insurgency unit during an anti-communist guerrilla war in Africa. He was trained by British Commonwealth SAS and Israeli commando instructors and took part in counter-insurgency operations and commando raids on communist training camps in a number of African countries. While there he became a bodyguard for a farmer’s association in his off-duty time. Jack is an Honorary Member of a U.S. Army Special Forces Association chapter and for seven years served on a large metropolitan police department Review Board that judged Officer-Involved Shootings and use of deadly force incidents. He was also a consultant to the United States Marine Corps on heli-borne vertical envelopment and anti-terrorist tactics. He has authored two other books. His newest book “Slaver’s Wheel,” is available through, Barnes & Noble, and all major bookstores. His other novel, “A Question of Time,” is available on Kindle.

Jack and Mike wrote their book in their desire to help prepare Americans for the calamity(ies) yet to come… for whatever degree it occurs––whether it is an Area Emergency, Crisis, Long-Term Crisis, or A Failure of Civility.

Our society is more and more complex and fragile––more so than simple “Garden-to-Table” societies in Third-World countries. That is evident by examining the most recent disasters that have occurred in the US. It is not ‘IF’ a Catastrophic Event (a disruption of Normal Civility) will happen… but ‘WHEN’ it will happen! Eventually, a ‘Catastrophic Event’ will turn into ‘A Failure of Civility.’

If people read and heed “A Failure of Civility” and become more Self-Dependent or more self-reliant… they become part of the solution… instead of part of the problem. In the spirit of President John F. Kennedy’s statement: “…Ask not what your country can do for you! Ask what you can do for your country!”

Few books written on the subject of survival are ‘Bug-In” books… or in other words “Stand in Place” books or ‘Stay Where You Live’ books and cooperate with your neighbors. “A Failure of Civility” is one of the few books that advocates our coined phrase: the “Neighborhood Protection Plan,” also known as the NPP for ‘Strength in Numbers’ by organizing and cooperating with your neighbors. We advocate using force, if necessary, through our Area Tactical Protection methods to defend your neighborhood or high-rise building.

Most survival and preparation books instruct people on how to survive by leaving densely populated areas. It is highly unlikely that people will survive trying to get away from highly-populated areas and through the gridlock. Most people are TOTALLY unprepared for Catastrophic Events and MORE SO unprepared to survive by leaving their homes to hide out in rural or mountainous areas. People have way more resources where they live. To our knowledge, we have one of the very few books that list conceivable Catastrophic Events and their characteristics.

These are the take-aways from my conversation Mike and Jack, derived from their excellent book, A Failure of Civility:

  • This is a ‘Bug-In” book––whereas most survival and preparation books instruct people on how to survive by leaving densely-populated areas. Most people are TOTALLY unprepared for Catastrophic Events and MORE SO unprepared to survive by leaving their homes! People have many more resources where they live.
  • To survive a Catastrophic Event, people must organize and prepare in advance.
  • We’d like to talk about Critical Life Supplies and Services, mainly water and food. Contaminated water will kill millions within days of a Catastrophic Event.
  • What life will be like when a Catastrophic Event turns into A Failure of Civility.
  • A Failure of Civility” has been endorsed by Stewart Rhodes, Founder and President of Oath Keepers, a nationally-recognized organization with more than 50,000 military and law enforcement members whose purpose is to have them take an oath to abide by and respect the US Constitution and Americans’ civil liberties.
  • Oath Keepers has endorsed “A Failure of Civility” as a manual by which they can organize their local chapters into their “Civilization Preservation Team” concept as a means of maintaining law, order and civility in areas across the US in time of disaster.

If you want your neighborhood to get prepared to be able to protect itself from marauders, then this book is for you and your neighborhood association, your neighbors, and your family!

Consider reading this book as if the Authors have parachuted into your backyard as Special Operations Soldiers to assist you in forming a cooperative protection of your neighborhood.

That’s one of the things we were good at as ‘Special Ops’ soldiers… being covertly inserted into isolated areas to train people how to defend themselves against inequitable justice and malicious aggression.

With this book, we give you the tools of knowledge to enable you to teach you and others how to defend yourselves, family and neighbors.

This is unlike any survival, Prepper or self-defense book you’ve ever read. It is the ‘Ultimate A-to-Z’ Survival Book. It is a primer for the untrained and knowledge for the trained in survival.

We show you how to organize, what to stockpile and how to prepare your Neighborhood Protection Plan. We show you how to defend your neighborhood using military tactics and combat shooting techniques during a disaster or civil unrest. Through “A Failure of Civility” we give you the “Force Multiplier” effect––enabling your small group to defeat much larger groups.

This is THE HANDBOOK you need during a disaster or Crisis and if society and civilization begins to unravel.
Notice to Readers from Jack and Mike:
We designed “A Failure of Civility” as a “Hands-on Survival Manual” when a Crisis or disaster occurs so the book can be read in low light conditions… like by candle light or flashlight. Consequently this book has a large font and much larger pages than most survival manuals and certainly most books available on Kindle.

Such low light conditions can occur from a number of Catastrophic Events which we describe in “A Failure of Civility.” With some of these events, your electronic reader will be more useful as a paperweight than for reading. All electronic devices will cease to operate and most electrical sources will fail.

The hard copy of “A Failure of Civility” has letter size page dimensions and format which is 8 ½ inches by 11 inches and the book is 395 pages. The pages have letter size diagrams, charts and forms and some of these will not view properly on a few of the electronic book viewing devices. In that case you can view these diagrams, charts and forms on our website for a complete understanding.

Most devices, especially the Kindle 8.9” High-Definition reader, shows the book beautifully.

We’ve found that switching from larger text to the smallest text size and selecting the landscape setting on your device will allow you to properly view the diagrams, charts and forms.

We suggest after reading “A Failure of Civility” …that if you have an interest in having this book available to you for reference on a fail-safe basis… that you invest in a hard copy of “A Failure of Civility” and store it with your survival supplies in a plastic or Mylar zip-lock bag.


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When the poop hits the propeller, you and your group will hopefully have already read this book.” M. E. Smith

“This book deals with the recognition of the threats, preparations that need to addressed and the implementation of actions required to survive.” Hesh

“There is a lot of good advice and things to make you think in the book.” Don Robert


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