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Human Powered Generator: Make Electricity with Pedal Power!

Exactly how can you turn pedal power into emergency electricity? The Vriliac Human Powered Generator allows you to do just that! Built with components that you can buy at Lowe’s, made to be portable, strong, and easy to operate, this little generator can provide you with backup power that can be stored in its battery. Able to operate your electronic devices, radios, and even a microwave oven, it’s even EMP proof- and not even solar power can say that!

Find out more about the Vriliac Human Powered Generator, how you can buy one, or how you can build one, on this week’s Secrets of a Survivalist Radio show.


Rick Austin Host ImageRick Austin, Host

Using sustainable living and home building practices for over 30 years, Rick Austin is a permaculture gardening, solar, and off-grid living expert. Rick’s anecdotal presentations make him a sought-after presenter and speaker.
Secrets of a Survivalist gives you the best secrets from off-grid and survival experts, covering retreat construction, self-defense, growing food, and more!

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