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Radiation Preparedness: An Invisible Killer

Radiation dangers are still with us, they are just not as much in the public eye as with the Cold War era.

The media has convinced us that nuclear war and nuclear winter are not survivable.

The result is that most survivalists or preppers are ignorant of radiation preparedness; which is truly the least understood topic for those trying to prepare for emergencies.

The good news is that, with a little knowledge and minimal investment, nuclear events are survivable.

Listen to this Secrets of a Survivalist radio show and find out what sources of radiation should we try to protect ourselves from:

  • How to prepare for and protect yourself from beta and gamma radiation,
  • Do preppers really need to build a bomb shelter?,
  • Do preppers need any radiation detection equipment? If so, what kind?,
  • What is the biggest radiation danger we face now?
  • What are we to do when our grid collapses and when all our nuclear power plants automatically shut down at once?
  • What is to be when there are no means of running their cooling pumps…..Can you say “Kaboom” ?


Rick Austin Host ImageRick Austin, Host

Using sustainable living and home building practices for over 30 years, Rick Austin is a permaculture gardening, solar, and off-grid living expert. Rick’s anecdotal presentations make him a sought-after presenter and speaker.
Secrets of a Survivalist gives you the best secrets from off-grid and survival experts, covering retreat construction, self-defense, growing food, and more!

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