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World’s Best Cold Weather Face Mask: A Talk with Cold Avenger® CMO, Phil Stempin

ColdAvenger® is an American product line––designed by and American doctor––developed and manufactured in the USA! This unique cold weather face mask is designed and engineered to stand up to freezing temperatures and protect the face from the effects of exposure. Whether for work or play outdoors, the winter face mask, with its patented ventilator and wind-resistant fleece body, is the industry’s unique half-face mask and balaclava mask on the market. You can protect yourself from the pain and long-lasting effects of frostbite and exposure.

Through function-inspired design, Cold Avenger® breaks free from the normal ski mask by offering not only a better face mask, but a product that will improve your outdoor cold weather experience. Wear a ColdAvenger®. Be warm. Breathe free. Stay out longer.

At ColdAvenger®, their products are built on the belief that a cold-weather face mask should do more than just cover your face. The staff and employees at ColdAvenger® absolutely love being outdoors in the beautiful state of Montana. From summer to winter, they spend as much time as they can outside. It’s often easy to blame the cold weather and winter elements on not going out for a morning run or hitting the slopes to ski the fresh powder. When they don’t have the proper gear, staying out for long periods of time can be brutal. Cold weather facemasks are one thing that a lot of people don’t consider as a crucial part of their outdoor winter gear, but it can be way more important in helping you stay outside for longer periods of time than you think!


Incorporated into every ColdAvenger® facemask and balaclava is the patented ventilator that allows 100% natural free breathing while passively warming and humidifying incoming air. The ColdAvenger® ventilator also prevents the fogging of goggles and removes excess moisture away from the facial skin.

Face masks are commonly overlooked as an essential piece of cold weather gear. No matter how warm and protected the rest of your body may be, if your face is exposed and you are breathing cold air, your body must work harder to stay warm. The ColdAvenger® ventilator warms and humidifies incoming air so your body will maintain core temperatures more efficiently and stay warm in cold temperatures. It also allows free breathing, prevents the fogging of goggles, and removes moisture so you can breathe, maintain clear sight, and stay comfortable in cold temperatures.

To learn more Technical information about the ColdAvenger® and how it works please visit the Technical Performance page on the website.

Outdoor enthusiasts of all types enjoy the protection ColdAvenger®  cold weather face masks provide.  Skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers, snowshoers, mountaineers, winter bike commuters, arctic explorers, and outdoor professionals all benefit from the ColdAvenger® ventilator.  Also used by soldiers, cold-storage workers, motorcyclists, Airsoft enthusiasts, oilfield workers, asthmatics, and heart patients.  Anytime someone wants to stay warm in winter’s harshest display, they turn to ColdAvenger® winter face masks.

The ventilator and its humidifying properties keep your face and your body warmer than any other standard face mask––not only does your face stay warm and dry, but your overall body core stays warmer, allowing blood to fully circulate, keeping fingers and toes warmer than without.  Experience the world’s best face mask in half-face and balaclava mask styles––you can stay out longer!

Whether snowsports, power sports, adventuring, running, cycling, or industrial and military use, ColdAvenger® face masks are the best option for staying warm in cold weather.

There are many ColdAvenger® models on the website––follow this link to the ColdAvenger® Products page.

Check out the web store and learn more about each ColdAvenger® style.

Wear a ColdAvenger®. Stay out longer®.

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