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299 Days, The Ultimate Collapse of the US

Glen Tate has led an amazing life––and one that took a surprising turn. He grew up poor in the rural logging town of Forks WA. He worked hard to become a successful professional, an attorney who earned a job in the political arena. Thinking he’d finally made it and everything was great, he was stunned to see how corrupt government had become. From his observations at his job, he realized that America is collapsing and bad events are unfolding. He began to prepare for him and his family to make it through the civil unrest of the coming collapse. That meant he had to return to his rural roots––quite a shock to his family and friends. He wrote down what he envisions as a possible unfolding of events in his ten-book novel series 299 Days.

Glen has become one of the top survivalist fiction authors due to his book series, the 299 Days. In this latest interview with Doctor Prepper for the wrap–up of his realistic and highly feasible depiction about the ultimate collapse of the US in the near future, Glen discusses his ideas and reasons for his prolific series. His final 2 books bring to a positive conclusion the conflict that had existed between the Loyalist and the Patriots with the engagement and battles in book #9, 299 Days––The Reconciliation. This interview also covers some of the reasoning behind the book series to include a few of the odd truths that are set out in this set of 10 books. He also discusses in book 10, 299 Days––The 43 Colonels, the winding up the series with accounts of 43 of the major characters who helped bring victory to the Patriots who endured the onslaughts of the Loyalists to take be able to back their “homeland.”

This is a novel about the collapse of America––but not the Hollywood-style stories that suspend reality. Actually, it’s not your usual collapse and survival story—it’s all too real and you can see some of the events unfolding in today’s society, economy and politics––and that it’s actually more of a crumbling of society as government decisions are made and situations worsen! As we witness the “crumbling” of America today, it is plainly more likely we’ll experience some of the incidents described by Glen than the immediate total collapse scenarios pronounced in popular dystopian novels. It probably won’t be an Armageddon situation that delivers the final blow to our country! Glen says that’s why he wrote about a partial breakdown and the consequences because they are more likely—and no one else was writing about that possibility or reality of a crumbling of the infrastructure until the “straw-that-broke-the back” incident occurs.

Change is not usually total and absolute––at least not in the cataclysmic manner most dystopian writers portray in their works.  Glen believes we’re currently witnessing that reality is stranger than any made-up fictional stories. He feels the events eventually causing the collapse will be far stranger than any fictional combination he could ever imagine! 299 Days is a powerful commonsense book on the need to actively undertake commonsense prepping!

You owe it to yourself and your family to read this action series so you can be more aware of the rot in our political system and the bureaucratic minions who have taken control of our country. Perhaps it is the loss of our freedoms that inspired Glen—actually an attorney working for the Washington state government––to address the issues concurrent within government and the implementation of laws, rules, and regulation utilized to control the citizenry.

The entire 299 Days collection is available from the publisher,,, or popular booksellers on the Internet or in bricks-and-mortar bookstores.

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James Talmage Stevens (aka Doctor Prepper™) began his career in the preparedness industry from the days of his youth. His family lived with his Grandparents immediately following the end of WWII. He learned the basics on the Pace farm in rural Guilford County (NC). Farm chores and gardening were standard fare––plowing the back 40 behind a stubborn mule was substandard! In 1974, upon finishing graduate school with 4 young children and no prospects for a job due to economic conditions during a national economic slump, James reverted to his past experiences on the farm and chronicled in his notebook, along with some hand-me-down recipes from his mother and grandmother. Noting there were no viable books that dealt with all the basics, i.e.: a broad range of food products, he began to utilize his analytical skills, organizing handwritten notes, recipes, and food lore into one volume of information. He spent his spare time while job-hunting, and Making the Best of Basics was created. Before going to press, the subtitle Family Preparedness Handbook was added to distinguish Basics… from the emergency preparedness genre of the existing Civil Defense and governmental agency information.

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