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Leaving The Trees & Good Crazy, Author Richard Earl Broome

Leaving the Trees (Vol. 1, Leaving the Trees Journey)

LEAVING THE TREES is a fictional account of the meltdown of our global society, as we know it. The root cause of the chaos has been a malevolent cyber-attack on the global financial networks and systems by China that finally causes everything to spin out of control. It is initially set in Washington D.C. with political leaders who have not dealt effectively with this calamity. As life as it was known begins to unravel, society loses the ability to cope due to the lack of infrastructure. The loss of all the once-normal resources everyone had previously taken for granted eventually causes everything to just grind to the point where no new technology can be created! The remnants of society are constantly forced to compete with vicious rival bands of survivors for the precious ever-dwindling supplies. At this point the novel sharply transitions to the future time of the aftermath of this global paucity of life-giving food and shelter. The last part of the book focuses and how a small community in Montana must pick up the pieces and learn how to survive, with the remaining resources and how they must live to conserve them and expand them to maintain their very existence. It is a suspense novel about trust, deception, betrayal, and revenge––filled with many twists and turns.

Good Crazy (Vol. 2, Leaving the Trees Journey)

GOOD CRAZY is the much-anticipated sequel to Leaving The Trees! Readers of the first novel in this trilogy of suspense novels will now finally be able to continue their exciting journey in the 2nd novel. Questions such as: What ultimately caused the final breakdown of society? How did the separate Bridger and Bozeman camps first form to be able to pool resources and survive? What happened in the final showdown between Scott Alvarez and Anne Brennan over control of their new society? All are answered in Good Crazy. This thrilling suspense novel is full of twists, turns, and surprises as the characters learn to trust each other, experience deception and betrayal, and ultimately seek their final revenge, playing out the “last man standing scenario. If you enjoy provocative thinking about the current challenges facing our society and the possible outcomes, this fast-paced book is for you!

A couple of Richard’s “Think Pieces,” The Coming Cyber War,” and Building a Culture of Preparedness, are great discussions about America’s possible dystopian future.

About the Author

Author-Richard Earl BroomeRICHARD EARL BROOME is a nationally-recognized expert on the subjects of preparedness and survival. He is a frequent guest on radio shows to discuss the many threats facing all of us, such as pandemics, ISIS, and in particular, the growing cyber threat. Both the NEW YORK TIMES and the WASHINGTON POST have covered his views and opinions.

Richard’s illustrious career began when he entered the US Army as a private, rising through the ranks until he became an office, eventually retiring as a full Colonel after twenty-seven years of military service. He had many diverse experiences, a few of which are: serving in the 9th Infantry Division and working directly for General “Stormin’ Norman” Schwarzkopf, serving on the Staff and Faculty at West Point, and serving on the White House staff.

Richard was requested by two US Presidents (Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush) to be on their White House staff as a member of the National Security Council support staff. He held a critical position as a member of both Presidents’ crisis management leadership team during several national-level crises. After his military service, for most of the next nineteen years, he held management positions at the NASDAQ stock market, Computer Sciences Corporation and Booz Allen Hamilton.

Richard is a prolific writer, having published two suspense novels about preparedness and survival, Leaving The Trees and Good Crazy, and over sixty articles and major industry conference presentations about the many threats facing our society and how we can defend ourselves. His two most recent articles are: “The Coming Cyber War,” and “Building a Culture of Preparedness.”

He is currently a professor at Montana State University, teaching courses about leadership, management, and professionalism.

Richard has a B.S. degree in Psychology from Utah State University, an M.S. degree in Systems Management from the University of Southern California, and an additional M.S. degree in Information Systems, with academic distinction, from the Naval Postgraduate School.


James Talmage Stevens Host ImageJames Talmage Stevens, Author

James Talmage Stevens (aka Doctor Prepper™) began his career in the preparedness industry from the days of his youth. His family lived with his Grandparents immediately following the end of WWII. He learned the basics on the Pace farm in rural Guilford County (NC). Farm chores and gardening were standard fare––plowing the back 40 behind a stubborn mule was substandard! In 1974, upon finishing graduate school with 4 young children and no prospects for a job due to economic conditions during a national economic slump, James reverted to his past experiences on the farm and chronicled in his notebook, along with some hand-me-down recipes from his mother and grandmother. Noting there were no viable books that dealt with all the basics, i.e.: a broad range of food products, he began to utilize his analytical skills, organizing handwritten notes, recipes, and food lore into one volume of information. He spent his spare time while job-hunting, and Making the Best of Basics was created. Before going to press, the subtitle Family Preparedness Handbook was added to distinguish Basics… from the emergency preparedness genre of the existing Civil Defense and governmental agency information.

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