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Doctor Prepper interviews Doug Huffman, owner and instructor at the Sierra School of Survival. What an exciting lifestyle he has––lives on a boat and is getting prepared to sail around the world on his in 2016 on his personal 56-ft. catamaran! That should rank the owner of Sierra School of Survival as the top news event of next year, since either the School or Doug Huffman individually, have been featured in Sunset Magazine, The Fishsniffer Magazine, The Sacramento Bee, Western Outdoors News, The Folsom Telegraph, Prime Ticket Sports Network(cable-tv), Point/Counter Point(cable-tv), Good Day Sacramento Show, Capitol Public Radio, ABC, NBC, CBS and many local newscasts.

On the Doctor Prepper C.P.R. Talk Show, we discussed Doug’s views on understanding the different stages and terms of prepping, self-reliance, self-sufficiency and self-sustaining; the biggest failure of most preppers; and survival myths that will kill you in real-life scenarios.

What really tickled my fancy was this message in his response to my email:

“Hello James, waking up on the boat today here at 7:00 AM. “Please realize that at Sierra School of Survival our office is the outdoors.  Because we only make it into the office a few times a week we cannot respond to e-mails and phone calls within the same time-frame as most businesses you may deal with.  We realize this may appear unprofessional to those who live and work daily in the concrete jungle and we appreciate your understanding as we conduct our business in the wilderness, beyond the range of our cell phone.”

I knew then I was going to enjoy the conversation!

During our pre-show interview, I learned Doug had spent the last several years training military, law enforcement and civilians in wilderness/urban survival, tracking/counter-tracking, escape & evasion, close-quarter combatives, pointman/scout/recon, team movements & communications.

I asked him about how he had so much knowledge about these subjects, and he said he learned to master so many different skills from his father, an avid backpacker and outdoor enthusiast. He said his family grew up hiking, backpacking and camping from California to Missouri. At the age of 17, he started my first of many multi-week solo backpacking trips throughout the deserts, mountains and Indian reservations of Arizona. Since that time he has worked with or instructed many organizations, including: Special Forces, Navy SEALs, Homeland Security, Search & Rescue, FBI Special Agents, and Sheriff Departments. He has also guided professionally from the Grand Canyon’s Colorado River to Oregon’s Rogue River and many points throughout the Southwest United States.

Doug said he’d been living an urban and wilderness survival lifestyle for decades.  His real life experiences have translated into practical education for nearly every government agency. He has developed this complete program over the years to meet any survival situation. Through video Doug is now bringing the same training to the public.  The survival skills that have kept Doug alive through real life operations is now the same survival training that will get you and your family through any natural or man-made flash mob or disaster. Doug’s training system makes it possible for families to train with together in the privacy of their own home to become more self-reliant and learn the essential aspects of survival, preparedness, off-grid living strategies, and how to be more prepared to survive any natural or man-made disaster.

Doug operates a unique program offered in the United States that educates your family or group to survive in any situation and in any environment.

More about Doug’s classes and instructive courses: Currently well over 550 Videos in the series with more being added each month! Through decades of real life experiences as a professional operator, Doug has developed a unique training program to completely prepare you and your family to survive any man-made or natural disaster.  By watching and learning together your whole family will gain a strong understanding of all subjects while some may gravitate towards one or two topics they are most interested in and become your expertise.

  1. Fitness and Diet
  2. Navigation
  3. Food Storage and Preparation
  4. Wilderness and Urban Survival
  5. Communications and Team Movement
  6. Close Quarter Combat and Weapons
  7. Wild Plants
  8. Tactical Combat Tracking
  9. Ditch Medicine
  10. Your Home – Off Grid Living – Survival Retreat

This is your opportunity to train with a professional and learn to be able to deal with the off-the-grid or out-in-the-bush survival skills you just might need in the uncertain future!

James Talmage Stevens Host ImageJames Talmage Stevens, Author

James Talmage Stevens (aka Doctor Prepper™) began his career in the preparedness industry from the days of his youth. His family lived with his Grandparents immediately following the end of WWII. He learned the basics on the Pace farm in rural Guilford County (NC). Farm chores and gardening were standard fare––plowing the back 40 behind a stubborn mule was substandard! In 1974, upon finishing graduate school with 4 young children and no prospects for a job due to economic conditions during a national economic slump, James reverted to his past experiences on the farm and chronicled in his notebook, along with some hand-me-down recipes from his mother and grandmother. Noting there were no viable books that dealt with all the basics, i.e.: a broad range of food products, he began to utilize his analytical skills, organizing handwritten notes, recipes, and food lore into one volume of information. He spent his spare time while job-hunting, and Making the Best of Basics was created. Before going to press, the subtitle Family Preparedness Handbook was added to distinguish Basics… from the emergency preparedness genre of the existing Civil Defense and governmental agency information.

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