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The Provident Prepper, A Common Sense Guide to Preparing for Emergencies

Doctor Prepper interviews Kylene and Jonathan Jones––and you will discover they are not your normal urban family! They are all about educating real people and helping families prepare in realistic ways. They provide the physical, emotional, and mental tools and skills that you may need to not only survive, but thrive in a crisis situation. They instruct others about using resources wisely and prudent preparation for challenging times. They want to help you become better prepared for whatever emergency or crisis you may be required to face in today’s uncertainty.

What the Jones’ are not promoting is gloom and doom, nor how horrible or evil the world may have become of late. Where they can, the try to exert an influence for good and stand up for that which is right. However, the world’s population will do what it is going to do. This could likely result in dangerous situations such as war, chemical, biological, nuclear holocaust, or other man-made disasters. Nature will continue to challenge us with a variety of disastrous weather-related events, including tornadoes, hurricanes, winter storms, floods, droughts, forest fires, etc., and some geological-related events, such as earthquakes, volcanic action, tsunamis, and other phenomena.

They urge you to take their challenge! Build your own Ark! Each individual or family is challenged is to plan and prepare for such events to minimize the impact on them and their loved ones. Start today––because if you don’t, you probably won’t! The fact you are seeking preparedness information probably means that somewhere inside (either in your head or your heart) you sense the importance of making preparations so that you can take care of yourself, your family, and others. You do not need to eat the entire elephant all at once––you can devour the beast o ne bite at a time!

Set realistic goals and get to wo rk and accomplish them! Get your family or friends involved and then you can motivate each other. They feel they are able to guide you and help you accomplish your preparedness goals. Take it a step at a time. Each day become a little more prepared than you were the day before. Before you know it, you will be confident in your ability to handle almost any crisis that comes your way. Do something towards your goal of family preparedness TODAY!!

Kylene and Jonathan have recently authored The Provident Prepper, a common-sense guide on emergency preparedness and survival written for real people with real lives. It begins by assisting the reader in developing a comprehensive risk evaluation and mitigation program designed for his/her precise location and unique circumstances. In other words, what risks does one face and what can one do about them? The Provident Prepper walks through each step of emergency preparedness and clearly explores possible options, allowing the reader to discover which options may work best for their specific situation.

Each chapter concludes by developing a personalized action plan. Action plans can be found at  Once the book is completed, the reader will have developed a comprehensive preparedness plan, tailored to his/her unique needs and have the knowledge to implement that plan. It is like hiring a personal emergency preparedness consultant.

Join Kylene and Jonathan on their journey of a lifetime. They will guide you step-by-step on the road to preparing for emergencies. Join the ranks of the provident preppers who have foresight to carefully provide for the future while enjoying the present. This journey will allow you to develop the self-assurance and skills which will enable you to handle whatever challenges may come your way with confidence. You can be ready!

You can certainly learn from this avid preparedness family. They’ve managed to accomplish their preparedness efforts in their small home and 11 children! If they can do it with those limiting factors––so can you! Get a copy of The Provident Prepper and you will be able to more easily build your emergency preparedness program for your family.

About the Jones: 

Jonathan is a licensed civil engineer and an avid enthusiast of alternative energy sources, especially solar and wind power. He has served on the advisory board and on the board of directors as vice president for The American Civil Defense Association (TACDA); as secretary/treasurer for a local chapter of Civil Defense Volunteers; as an emergency preparedness and communications specialist; and as a city councilperson, is responsible for developing the city emergency plan in his own community. He has co-authored numerous articles published in The Journal of Civil Defense on emergency preparedness topics with his wife. He is the co-owner of Your Family Ark, LLC, an educational and consulting business designed to assist individuals and families in preparing for an uncertain future (

Kylene has an educational background in business management as well as in family studies. She has also served on the advisory board and on the board of directors for TACDA and is currently the editor for The Journal of Civil Defense. She has a passion for researching and experimenting, adding a sense of real life to their writing and teaching. A firm believer in hands-on learning, she involves her family in emergency training for everything from fire drills, to living off food storage and garden produce, to turning off the power in the dead of winter just to see if they can survive it. Many powerful lessons are learned from these experiences, the best lesson being that they are tougher than any challenge––and they will not only survive, but will emerge better, stronger people as a result of the adventure.

Jonathan and Kylene make a dynamic combination. Together they have presented in a wide variety forums including; community education courses, educational seminars, preparedness fairs, employee education programs, and community classes. With Jonathan’s extensive knowledge and Kylene’s high energy personality, they have a unique talent for taking a relatively boring topic and turning it into an exciting quest, motivating audiences to join the ranks of the provident preppers.

James Talmage Stevens Host ImageJames Talmage Stevens, Author

James Talmage Stevens (aka Doctor Prepper™) began his career in the preparedness industry from the days of his youth. His family lived with his Grandparents immediately following the end of WWII. He learned the basics on the Pace farm in rural Guilford County (NC). Farm chores and gardening were standard fare––plowing the back 40 behind a stubborn mule was substandard! In 1974, upon finishing graduate school with 4 young children and no prospects for a job due to economic conditions during a national economic slump, James reverted to his past experiences on the farm and chronicled in his notebook, along with some hand-me-down recipes from his mother and grandmother. Noting there were no viable books that dealt with all the basics, i.e.: a broad range of food products, he began to utilize his analytical skills, organizing handwritten notes, recipes, and food lore into one volume of information. He spent his spare time while job-hunting, and Making the Best of Basics was created. Before going to press, the subtitle Family Preparedness Handbook was added to distinguish Basics… from the emergency preparedness genre of the existing Civil Defense and governmental agency information.

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