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John Wesley Smith, Destiny Survival Radio Host ImageDestiny Survival Radio explores a variety of topics. There’s more to survival and preparedness than having the right gear and supplies. The prepping lifestyle calls for a mindset focused on survival. Think the unthinkable. And keep prepping.




Destiny Survival Radio: Back & Foot ProblemsShow 137: Back & Foot Problems: This week on DestinySurvival Radio, John visits with Joe and Amy Alton, aka Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy. They’ll talk back and forth about back and foot problems. Get more from Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy at

Guests: Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, Authors of The Survival Medicine Handbook

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Jane of VirginiaShow 136: Pregnancy, Childbirth During Disaster This week Jane-Alexandra Krehbiel returns to Destiny Survival Radio to talk about pregnancy and child birth during a disaster situation. She’s a registered nurse and former college instructor in nursing and other medical-related topics. View her Rational Preparedness blog HERE.

Guest: Jane-Alexandra Krehbiel– Registered Nurse & Author

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