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Keeping It Real Host, Joshua SwanagonKeeping It Real: Urban Survival For The Real World
Keeping it real is a roughly 15 – 30 minute podcast on urban survival, self-defense and other related topics. In each episode I’ll bring you one topic from urban survival, self-defense, situational awareness, etc where I will cover that topic in depth or will try to bring guests on the show for you that are some of the best in their fields. On occasion, especially when I have a guest, the episodes may run a little long, but for the most part I will try to keep them shorter and easier to find the time to listen to.
Your Host Joshua Swanagon:
Joshua grew up in Denver, Colorado and has studied survival both in the city and the wilderness for most of his life. With years of real world experience, law enforcement experience and diverse martial arts training and teaching experience, Joshua with his partner Kenny Pipes has put together the Urban Defense Institute in Mid-Michigan, a reality based self-defense and program for civilians and hardcore combatives for professional personnel.Joshua is also the Associate Editor/Art Director for Survival Quarterly Magazine and as a good, long time friend of Ron and Karen Hood has been involved in many projects for over the years and continues working with Karen on various present and future projects. Joshua will also be co-hosting “The Karen Hood Show” with Karen Hood where they look forward to bringing you the best in survival and providing guests that are the best in the field. Joshua has also been published in Tactical Knives Magazine and will be working with his partner Kenny Pipes on a DVD series on the Combative ATAX to be put out through Hoods Woods Video Productions.
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Keeping It Real, ATAX

Show 6: James Yeager of Tactical Response

In this episode of Keeping It Real: Urban Defense for the Real World Joshua takes some time to speak with James Yeager of Tactical Response. In this episode we go into some of the basic firearms topics for beginner shooters, but there is something for everybody, even if you are an experienced shooter you will still be able to appreciate a lot of the topics and discussions we cover. This is the first episode done with James Yeager with future episodes coming where we will delve into more advanced topics. We also discuss SHOT Show and some of our personal likes and dislikes. In the “Reviews You Can Use” segment I will review the Crossbreed IWB (inside the waistband) holster.


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Keeping It Real, ATAX

Show 5: Defense Psychology, Physiology, Mindset Triple Dose

In this episode of Keeping It Real: Urban Survival for the Real World I decided to put together three of my articles from Survival Quarterly Magazine to help guide you through the psychological, physiological and mental aspects of facing aggressive conflict.

Often times we focus years of our life into training physical self-defense techniques but almost ignore an equally important piece of any good self-defense plan, bringing our body and mindset into the plan.

With this episode I hope to get you started on the path of researching this important topic further and staging the most effective defensive plan possible.


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Keeping It Real, Safety while out shoppingShow 4: Safety While Shopping With black Friday and the Christmas shopping season coming up I thought I would take some time to discuss how to stay safe while out shopping. In this episode of Keeping It Real: Urban Survival for the Real World I discuss vehicle safety, personal safety and ways to protect your identity. There can be a lot of distractions while you’re out shopping during this time of year which is what makes it perfect for those with ill intent, so it is best to take whatever precautions you can to safeguard yourself from theft or a violent attack. Just a few simple things can go a long way in your plan for personal protection.

In this episode’s “Reviews You Can Use” segment, I review the Cold Steel Honeycomb. A great personal defense product from Cold Steel that looks like an ordinary hair brush, but is actually a very durable stiletto dagger.

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Keeping It Real, Johnny TsaiShow 3: Waysun Johnny Tsai Interview Today I spend some time with my good friend Waysun Johnny Tsai of C.U.M.A. Survival School discussing the differences between traditional martial arts and combatives. Johnny discusses his extensive traditional martial arts background and his transition into combatives and why. Later I corner him for you and get him to spill the beans on some exciting upcoming new products and projects and find out where you can find him at SHOT Show this year to meet him for yourself, he really is worth stopping by and saying hi.

Also, in this episode I started a new segment I am excited about called “Reviews You Can Use” where I review products that I really like, use and feel keep in with the spirit of the show. On today’s “Reviews You Can Use” I decided that in honor of having Johnny on the show I would review one of his products that I use every day. You’ll have to listen to find out what it is, but I can tell you it is a great product.

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Scared LadyShow 2: Situational Awareness Today I discuss a topic that came up at one of my Safety Takes Brains women’s self-defense seminars about what to do if you are walking down the street talking on your phone and suddenly realize you’re being followed. I also discuss what types of things to focus on in a description and options of where to go for safety.




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Busy On PhoneShow 1: Cellphones…Wake Up People! In this episode I discuss the importance of being aware of your surroundings and picking your head up from the phone every once in a while. This episode follows the recent shooting tragedy on the San Francisco train. I discuss the color codes of awareness and a dangerous game being played by teens that have caused the deaths of many unsuspecting victims and how you can avoid being their next victim.




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Joshua Swanagon on HogArticle 2: The Combative Mindset Joshua Swanagon from, Survival Quarterly Magazine, and (UDI) has shared another great article with us. Joshua wrote the article and recorded the audio himself. Joshua has Law Enforcement experience and also instructs at UDI. Take a listen…this is great stuff!




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Joshua Combative ATAXArticle 1: The Survival Mindset Our good friends Karen Hood & Joshua Swanagon from & Survival Quarterly Magazine have recorded an audio article for our listeners. Joshua wrote the article and recorded the audio himself. Joshua has Law Enforcement experience and also instructs at

Take a listen…this is great stuff!


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Joshua Firearms InstructionIntroduction to Joshua Swanagon Joshua introduces himself and gives an overview of Keeping It Real….what can you expect to hear from him? Why is he committed to helping you protect yourself & your family?




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