Prepper Patch Radio, Tony Tangalos

Tony Tangalos, Host ImageShow Description: Tony interviews our nation’s leading advocates on a wide variety of self-reliance topics.  The fast paced show format focuses on providing “take-aways” that offer useful tips, resources and skill sets that you can immediately implement to improve your personal self-reliance. The Prepper Patch Radio Show strikes a clever balance between offering innovative prepper resources for seasoned preppers without offending those still trapped in the Matrix of the Normalcy Bias.  Use The Prepper Patch Radio Show to help “wake up” your friends and family to Snap Out Of The Normalcy Bias and start preparing for an increasingly uncertain future with a Life Assurance Plan.

Visit for more information about upcoming self-reliance trade shows in the Southwestern United States.

About the Host: Tony Tangalos lives in Phoenix, AZ and is the founder of the PrepperFestAZ Expo.

Prepper Patch Radio Show

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Shane_Krauser_125x125Show 50: February 2, 2014- Shane Krauser

Shane and Tony discuss the latest plans Shane has for taking the fight for preserving our Constitutional Rights to our schools and our government.  Shane discusses his Constitutional Rights educational curriculum which is being distributed to many school districts across America as well as how his American Academy For Constitutional Education is taking the fight to liberal politicians who shrink from engaging in a lively debate with him when offered the opportunity to present their flawed case for why the constitution is no longer relevant.

Download Shane Krauser MP3



Ham_Radio_125x125Show 49: January 26, 2014- Intro to HAM Radio, Part 2 with Craig Carnahan of RF Gear 2 Go & Mark Kesauer of ARCA

Craig, Mark & Tony discuss many of the valuable applications of HAM Radio for everyday use.  It is much more effective for replacing CB radio when travelling in a caravan and can reach HAM repeaters to communicate when cell service is non-existent.   HAM radio also works when virtually every other communications tool stops, as the HAM repeaters have backup power.  HAM offers a litany of communications capabilities and is THE critical prepper communications tool for every-day use.  If you can’t communicate, you’re all alone!  Don’t be alone; get a HAM radio license and a HAM radio, its inexpensive and easy to do!


Download Intro to HAM Radio, Part 2 MP3



Ham_Radio_125x125Show 48: January 19, 2014- The Vital Importance of HAM Radio, Part 1 with Craig Carnahan of RF Gear 2 Go & Mark Kesauer of ARCA

Mark Kesauer of the Amateur Radio Council of Arizona (ARCA) & Craig Carnahan of RF Gear 2 go.  Craig, Mark & Tony discuss the critical importance of HAM radio for a prepper communications solution as it allows preppers to communicate where cell phones can’t reach and also in a grid down situation when virtually no one can communicate.  They offer resources for where to study for and take the FCC licensing test & how easy it is to pass the FCC test with only a few hours of studying.  They also offer resources for getting connected within the local HAM community through ARCA where new HAM’s can receive support from veteran operators.  Think about how important it is to communicate with your loved ones and then listen to this show.


Download The Vital Importance of HAM Radio, Part 1 MP3



Tony_Nestor_125x125Show 47: January 12, 2014- Tony Nester Ancient Pathways

Tony discusses the various self-reliance classes he offers at Ancient Pathways where the focus is living off the land.  Subjects include hunting, distinguishing edible plants, medicinal use of plants, trapping, low tech hunting tools.  Tony’s website is  Tony will be exhibiting at the March 2014 PrepperFest AZ Expo.

Download Tony Nester Ancient Pathways MP3



Prepper Patch Radio, OathkeepersShow 46: January 5, 2014- Gerald Rhodes, President & Dave Romesburg, Vice President of Oath Keepers, Arizona Chapter

Gerald & Dave discuss the critical importance of Oath Keepers mission to preserve our Constitutional Rights by enrolling military and civilian law enforcement in reaffirming the oath they all took to uphold, defend and protect the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC, IE: our tyrannical federal government.  They cover the critical prepper component of Oath Keepers which is Operation Sleeping Giant and the Civilian Preservation Teams and how Oath Keepers is spearheading self-reliance preparedness in the retired military and civilian law enforcement community.



Download Oathkeepers Arizona Chapter MP3



Ernie_Engle_125x125Show 45: December 29, 2013- Starting a Prepper/Survivalist Group, Ernie Engle

If you’ve read the book Patriots by James Wesley Rawles, and have the desire to join or build a group to survive a natural or man-made disaster, this hour will show you how to begin doing it.

Ernie Engle is based in Phoenix, Arizona and his Arizona Rifles Tactical Survivalist group is a model representation of a sensible, well thought out plan for protecting families from an increasingly uncertain future. Their mission is to protect their families and move them to a safe area in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. Arizona Rifles Tactical Survivalists provides training which is a three tier organization consisting of tactical, survivalists and preppers.

The take a way this week is one of the most critically important to you and your loved ones safety, as Ernie’s will explain his groups very well thought out plan to protect you and your family in a skittles hits the fan scenario.


Download Starting a Prepper/Survivalist Group, Ernie Engle MP3



PPtch_Jeff_Smith_Desert_Ops_Training_125x125Show 44: December 22, 2013- Prepper and Tactical Training, Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith of Desert Ops Training & Tony discuss how critical it is for preppers to engage in self-reliance and tactical training.  Buying prep items is only part of the solution.   Buying preps without using them and thinking you are prepared is like thinking you can defend your family if you buy a gun but never practice shooting it.  Jeff describes the take-a-ways students receive from many of his most popular courses offered by his school, Desert Ops Training including Bug Out Bags, Traps & Snares, Land Navigation, etc.  Jeff & Tony also discuss the upcoming The Prepper Games competition they are planning in the summer of 2014.


Download Tactical Training for the Self-Reliant MP3



Tony_Tangalos_125x125Show 43: December 15, 2013- Prepperfest Arizona Expo Preview

PrepperFest AZ Expo is all about education and Tony reviews the litany of educational opportunities that will be available at PrepperFest AZ Expo including classes offered by nationally known instructors on all sorts of subjects including composting, gardening, Aquaponics, essential oils, herbal remedies, colloidal silver, cheese making, goat raising, cooking with solar, faraday cages, bio-diesel fuel, HAM radio, Bug Out Bags, Wicking Beds, GMO free, Gluten Free living, going off grid, water harvesting, etc.  Tony also reviews the 60 page event program that includes roughly 50% prepper educational information for preppers to have available to help wake up their friends and family from the Normalcy Bias.  The event program will have dozens of coupons that will allow attendees to save money when they purchase items at the expo.


Download March 2014 Prepperfest Arizona Expo Preview MP3



Marjory Wildcraft authorShow 42: December 8, 2013- Economic Collapse in Cuba a Foreshadowing for USA?

Marjory summarizes numerous interviews of Cuban citizens who experienced a total economic collapse and faced starvation after the fall of the Soviet Union.  The social order reversed, where farmers and gardeners became more important than lawyers and doctors as all citizens scrambled to grow food to replace imports that stopped.  Listen for keys to how Cuban’s survived as guidance for how American’s should look to prepare for when the Yankee dollar goes through its collapse.  Great opportunity to learn from Cuban suffering to anticipate and minimize our own challenges from future U.S. economic collapse.

Guest: Marjory Wildcraft, a regular guest on many national radio and television shows; most recently, she was featured as an expert in sustainable living by National Geographic’s “Doomsday Preppers”.  An author of several books, best known for her video series “Grow Your Own Groceries” which helps you create an organic food producing paradise in your backyard. “Grow Your Own Groceries” has produced over 300,000 copies used by homesteaders, survivalists, universities, and missionary organizations around the world.


Download Economic Collapse In Cuba a Foreshadowing for USA? Marjory Wildcraft MP3



PPtch_James_Talmage_Stevens_125x125Show 41: December 1, 2013- A Visit with Doctor Prepper, James Talmage Stevens

Tony and guest Doctor Prepper A.K.A. James Talmage Stevens talk about the, which has thousands of self-reliance radio shows available for FREE download.  A companion website is which is a temporary site with many prepper radio shows available for download.  Presently, all of The Prepper Patch radio shows are fully listed and available for download on the website.  These are great sites for preppers to go and download radio shows that suit their interests when they have the time to do so.  Tony and James also discussed how they are co-promoting James’s book Making the Best of the Basics, the Family Preparedness Handbook at PrepperFest AZ Expo in March, 2014.  Attendees can present their ticket stubs at Doctor Preppers booth and receive up to $20 off of the cost of the $40 book.  James will also autograph his book at no extra charge.


Download A Visit with Doctor Prepper, James Talmage Stevens MP3



Tony_Tangalos_125x125Show 40: November 24, 2013- Defining A Prepper, A Militia and A Patriot

Tony offers an Intro to Prepping show with the three most critical prepper definitions that every prepper can use to successfully start waking up their friends and family out of their stupor.  Tony also offers distinctions between perception and reality in the preparedness and militia movement and he illustrates how the media often grossly distorts preppers and militia members to the public.  Tony discusses how the media and government also hide the truth about GMO foods.

Download Listen to Defining A Prepper, A Militia and A Patriot MP3



Doom_Bloom_Doctor_Bones_Nurse_Amy_125x125Show 39: November 10, 2013- Critical Wilderness Medical Survival Training Protocol

Joe & Amy are among the top wilderness medical treatment instructors in the nation, frequently contributing columns for a number of medical periodicals.  Joe & Amy share the critical basics of wilderness medical treatment, and how common it is for untrained responders to make serious mistakes.  If you are looking for valuable information on how to identify whether to close an open wound, or leave it open, Joe & Amy offer sage advice.  They offer a list of the must have medical supplies and medications preppers should have in the emergency medical supply and what some of the best herbal remedies are, a great primer on wilderness medical treatment.

Download Listen to Wilderness Survival Medical Training MP3


Steven_Harris_125x125Show 38: November 3, 2013- Creative Water & Fuel Storage Solutions

Noted prepping advocate Steven Harris shares creative ways to store water and fuel for emergency survival.  Many of the solutions Steve offers are very low cost and utilize items that many people discard.  Steve exposes many of the myths of long term water and fuel storage and reveals how easy it is to store either liquid indefinitely at little or no cost. This is a valuable show for discovering easy, cost effective long term water and fuel solutions.


Download Creative Water & Fuel Storage Solutions MP3



Current_Camo__125x125Show 37: October 27, 2013- Automotive Prepping with Unique Products

Ron & Tony discuss basic and advanced vehicle prep including the things to carry in your vehicle and how to respond to vehicle problems that you or another may have.  Considering how much time you spend in your vehicle, and how far away from you often are, where you do not have access to your home larder, this is a critical, but often overlooked prepper area to master.  Ron & Tony show you how to prep for many situations.

Download Listen to Automotive Prepping with Unique Products MP3



Lance_Baker_125x125Show 36: October 20, 2013- Live Broadcast from the Arizona Survivalist Prepper Expo

Tony broadcasts live from Lance Bakers Arizona Survivalist Prepper Expo, interviewing several vendors with innovative prepper products and services.  Share in the celebration of a prepper trade show.

Download Listen to Live Broadcast from the Arizona Survivalist Prepper Expo MP3



Lance_Baker_125x125Show 35: Teamwork is Essential for Preppers to Succeed, October 13, 2013

Tony and guest Lance Baker team up working hand in hand to promote each other’s prepper expo’s and discuss how this teamwork is essential to survival in a skittles hitting the fan scenario.  Tony and Lance also discuss the March Against Monsanto and how the permies and preppers need to work together to win the GMO labelling initiative vote.

Guest: Lance Baker, AZ Survivalist/Prepper Expo

Download Teamwork is Essential for Preppers to Succeed MP3



PPtch_Marjory_Wildcraft-125x125Show 34: October 6, 2013- Grow Your Own Groceries

How can you simply and easily grow your own food? Can you heal yourself with your own medicine? How can you find the perfect survival retreat? Marjory gives practical advice from her own experience on how to start homesteading on your property, regardless of how small your home site is. 

Guest: Marjory Wildcraft, a regular guest on many national radio and television shows; most recently, she was featured as an expert in sustainable living by National Geographic’s “Doomsday Preppers”.  An author of several books, best known for her video series “Grow Your Own Groceries” which helps you create an organic food producing paradise in your backyard. “Grow Your Own Groceries” has produced over 300,000 copies used by homesteaders, survivalists, universities, and missionary organizations around the world.

Download Grow Your Own Groceries, Marjory Wildcraft MP3


line Jay_Headley_125x125Show 33: Valley Permaculture Alliance, Tour De Coops,

Tony talks with Jay Headley of Valley Permaculture Alliance. They discuss an overview of VPA Courses, Tour de Coops, and Mesquite Bean Milling.

Guest: Jay Headley, Valley Permaculture Alliance

Download Valley Permaculture Alliance Tour de Coups MP3



Rachel_Linden_125x125Show 32: Dangers of GMO & Monsanto Government Manipulation, September 22, 2013

  • Rachel and Tony speak about the lethal danger of eating foods prepared with GMO crops;
  • How Monsanto and the U.S. Govt have gone to extreme measures to thwart labeling of GMO foods;
  • How they falsely accuse those that are pushing GMO labeling as Eco-terrorists;
  • Rachel offers great tips on how to avoid GMO foods and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Guest: Rachel Linden, GMO Free AZ Activist

Download Dangers of GMO & Monsanto Government Manipulation MP3



Steven_Harris_125x125Show 31: Emergency Energy when the Power Goes Out- Steven Harris, September 8, 2013

Steven Harris discusses a number of easy to implement emergency power solutions when the electric grid fails.  How to use your car to power your house and keep the lights on and your fridge food from spoiling by using a simple, inexpensive inverter.  Steve also shares the very best rechargeable batteries that last thousands of charges and the best charger to use to rapid charge them.  Steve also shares the best headlight flashlight that has the optimal combination of features, performance and price.  All are available on Steve’s website, listen to the show to discover the BEST BUY in each category.

Guest: Steven Harris is an energy guru offering many easy to use energy solutions. Steve has an entire family of preparedness websites dedicated to giving you free information on how to help you in a disaster, both with regular preparedness as well as many items regarding energy and preparedness.

Download Emergency Energy When the Power Goes Out, Steven Harris MP3



David_Blume_125x125Show 30: Alcohol Can Be A Gas– David Blume Part 2, August 18, 2013

David Blume and Tony continue their discussion about how it both legal and easy to distill ethanol for fuel alcohol.  David discusses how he is launching a ready to use fuel alcohol distillation factory in a container and the fuel production is in the hundreds of thousands of gallons of ethanol per year.  David also discusses his alcohol fuel demonstration campus he is spearheading to accommodate visitors and show them alcohol fuel distillation in person by trained educators.

Please listen to Alcohol Can Be A Gas part 1, show 30 before listening to this Part 2 show.

Guest: David Blume, Author, Alcohol Can Be A Gas. David is the nation’s foremost authority on fuel alcohol distillation and he wrote the definitive bible on the subject:  Alcohol Can Be A Gas.

Download Alcohol Can be a Gas, David Blume PART 2 MP3



David_Blume_125x125Show 29: Alcohol Can Be A Gas- David Blume Part 1, August 11, 2013

David Blume and Tony cover the basics on fuel alcohol distillation including how it both legal and easy to distill ethanol for fuel alcohol.  They cover the declining gas supply, the EPA e30 ruling and how fuel alcohol distillation is cheap, easy and safer than commercial extraction and production of fossil fuel oil and gas.  They discuss how big oil and the automotive manufacturers are fighting the implementation of ethanol blends, inaccurately labeling them as too expensive and damaging to vehicles.  By listening to these two ethanol shows you can learn how to start your own ethanol fuel production legally, safely and cheaply.

Guest: David Blume, Author, Alcohol Can Be A Gas. David is the nation’s foremost authority on fuel alcohol distillation and he wrote the definitive bible on the subject:  Alcohol Can Be A Gas.

Download Alcohol Can Be a Gas, David Blume, PART 1 MP3



Tom_Martin_125x125Show 28: American Preppers Network, August 4, 2013

Tony and Tom Martin discuss how teamwork is essential to growing the prepper movement.  They also discuss how Tom’s has a tab where visitors can discover every known prepper expo’s in America and see when and where expos are coming to their region.

Guest: Tom Martin, Founder, American Preppers Network

Download American Preppers Network MP3



Emergency Air, Frank BohanShow 28: Emergency Air for Your Home or Rural Retreat, July 21, 2013  – 

The TAKE A WAY for listeners is the information in Frank’s books on how to protect your home’s air supply from a litany of dangerous airborne threats even including nuclear fallout. Using easy to find, inexpensive and easy to assemble items available at any Home Depot or Lowes listeners will learn how to build a shelter in place emergency air management system. Frank also covers basic air filter and gas mask basics and myths, a must for anyone interested in staying alive, for all the preps in the world won’t matter, for if you do not have clean air to breathe, you will not live long enough to use them.

Guest:  Frank Bohan, Author of Emergency Air


Download Emergency Air for Your Home or Rural Retreat MP3



FJ_Bohan__125x125Show 27: Protecting Your Home or Rural Retreat from Intruders, JULY 14, 2013

The TAKE A WAY for listeners is the information in Frank’s books on how to protect your home from unwanted intruders may save your life someday.  In a period of sustained collapse, many who did not prepare will go out looking to take from those who did prepare.  Frank shares a litany of cost effective ways to use readily available resources to create a number of barriers to accessing your property.  Frank and tony discuss fence options, Bollards, Gabions, Bunkers and adopting a defensive fighting position when pirate preppers attempt to loot your property.

Guest:  Frank Bohan, Author of Barbed Wire, Barricades and Bunker


Download Protecting Your Home or Rural Retreat From Intruders MP3



Cope_Reynolds_125x125Show 26: Militia Training As Our Founding Fathers Did, Cope Reynolds, JULY 7, 2013

Tony interviews Cope Reynolds, founder of The White Mountain Militia to explore how Militias, like so many prepping subjects, is so completely misunderstood; as the significant distinction between Militia perception and reality is fueled by considerable media and government mischaracterization.  Militias are NOT racist, skinhead organizations that are anti-government, rather militias are anti-corruption in government as they serve to protect the local community. Cope explains how the Militias our founding fathers intended to frame with the second amendment as were a direct response to the tyrannical, corrupt government of their time, ready to respond to any threat to their neighborhood safety, foreign or domestic. With today’s increasingly tyrannical, corrupt government, Militia formation is more relevant and necessary that at any other time in our nation’s history.  Cope covers why is participating in a militia a good idea with a focus on legal, moral and ethical Militia training with highly principled leaders.  Militias are a constitutional right; learn how to start a constitutional militia in your community with this show.

Guest:  Cope Reynolds, Founder of the White Mountain Militia & Southwest Security

Download Militia Training As Our Founding Fathers Did, Cope Reynolds MP3



Joe_Glenn_125x125Show 25: Neofera & Colloidal Silver, JUNE 16, 2013

Tony interviews Joe Glenn of Neofera Silver which is an alternative to Colloidal Silver.  Joe explains the background of the wonderful health benefits of using colloidal silver which has been used to treat all manner of illness for centuries.  Silver is known to kill most all known pathogens which is why for centuries people have placed silver coins in drinking cisterns to keep the water from becoming foul.  Joe explains the distinctions between colloidal silver and Neofera Silver Protocol. 

Guest:  Joe Glenn, Neofera & Colloidal Silver

Download Neofera Silver MP3



Ed_Campbell_125x125Show 24: Noble Mint, MAY 26, 2013

Tony interviews Ed Campbell of Noble Mint on the small denomination gold and silver bullion Noble Mint offers as an alternative barter currency in a grid down situation.  They discuss how the bullion may meet resistance among some preppers who are unfamiliar and as a result uncomfortable exchanging it in a barter transaction.  Also discussed is the barter currency Bitcoin, which has surged in popularity and has many red flags associated with it.  Bitcoin owners have had the currency stolen from their computer, the source code of Bitcoin is reported to have technical loopholes and hackers have been found to plant child porn links and other nefarious content.  The developer remains anonymous and the opportunities for abuse with Bitcoin are many.  The best barter currency remains junk silver, ammo, cigarettes, fuel alcohol, beverage alcohol and food.

Guest:  Ed Campbell, Noble Mint

Download Noble Mint MP3



Sheriff_Richard_Mack_125x125Show 23: Protecting Our Constitutional Rights, Sheriff Richard Mack, May 19, 2013

Sheriff Mack hits the nail on the head about the most critical issue facing our country is giving people hope in the face of an increasingly socialist government attempting to systematically restrict our God given and constitutionally protected rights. Sheriff Mack and his fellow patriot Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers have solutions for addressing the problems our country faces and The Prepper Patch listeners are invited and encouraged to become part of the solution.  Sheriff Mack and Oath Keepers encourage each county in America to build strong posse’s, which are critical to defending our nation from federal government corruption and tyranny.   Sheriff Mack points out how the U.S. Supreme Court consistently reaffirms individual rights and state’s rights trumping federal powers.  A great primer for knowing how to confront government tyranny with a legally defensible position.

Guest:  Sheriff Mack, Founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

Download Protecting Our Constitutional Rights, Sheriff Richard Mack MP3



Tony_Tangalos_125x125Show 22: Inaugural Prepperfest Expo Constitutional Rights Interviews, April 28, 2013

Tony interviews Oathkeepers Founder Stewart Rhodes, American Academy For Constitutional Education Founder Shane Krauser, Gerald Rhoades of Oathkeepers and Michelle Waller from Mesa R U Prepared prepper group as they discuss Constitutional Rights and other prepper topics at PrepperFest AZ Expo directly from the show floor while the show is in progress.

Guests:  Stewart Rhodes  (Oathkeepers), Shane Krauser (American Academy For Constitutional Education), Gerald Rhoades (Oathkeepers), and Michelle Waller (Mesa R U Prepared prepper Meet Up group).

Download Inaugural Prepperfest Expo Constitutional Rights Interviews MP3



Shane_Krauser_125x125Show 21: Preserving Our Constitutional Rights, Shane Krauser

Tony interviews Shane Krauser, Founder of the American Academy For Constitutional Education, an organization deeply involved with preserving and protecting our constitutional rights from an increasingly tyrannical socialist, oppressive and corrupt federal government that is growing WAAAY beyond the scope that our founding fathers intended.  Shane and Tony passionately speak about the need for every freedom loving American to active assert their constitutional rights to bear arms, organize into Constitutional Militias, join Sheriff’s Posse’s and prepare to defend their communities against any natural disaster or man made enemy foreign or domestic.

Guest:  Shane Krauser, Founder of the American Academy for Constitutional Education

Download Preserving Our Constitutional Rights, Shane Krauser MP3



Rachel_Linden_125x125Show 20: GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) Introduction with Rachel Linden, GMO Free Arizona, March 31, 2013

Rachel and Tony discuss how 70-90% of processed foods are now made with Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) sources.  The viruses and bacteria that go into these GMO seeds and the foods they create are supposedly intended to only affect the pests and weeds that lower crop yields.  There is credible independent research that indicates that these GMO foods are greatly contributing to the dramatic rise in cancer and many other illnesses that plague Americans.  The long term effects of these GMO processes are woefully under studied in America in contrast to over 60 other developed countries that either mandate labeling or have an outright ban on GMO products.  GMO products are likely creating a health care crisis of epic proportions and powerful forces are deliberately thwarting government oversight of the rapidly growing GMO trend that so many other countries are regulating.

Guest:  Rachel Linden, Founder of GMO Free AZ

Download GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) Introduction with Rachel Linden, GMO Free Arizona MP3



Lance_Baker_125x125Show 19: Glendale Arizona Survivalist Expo- Lance Baker, March 24, 2013

Lance Baker and Tony discuss Lance’s Arizona Survival Prepper Expo March 30th, 2013 including the vendor and educational class mix, and some of the reasons why people should be preparing for emergencies.  Lance is a hero to so many in Arizona for launching the first of many preparedness expo’s and he offers sage words of wisdom for how to prepare.

Guest:  Lance Baker, Founder of Arizona Survivalist Prepper Expo

Download Glendale Arizona Survivalist Expo- Lance Baker MP3



Tim_Howard_125x125Show 18: Common Sense Preparedness with Tim Howard, March 17, 2013

Tim Howard & Tony Discuss Tim’s first responder experiences in disaster situations where Tim observed people die from a variety of causes.  These experiences led Tim to really focus on helping people prepare, to save lives.  Tim has two main websites: Common Sense Preparedness ( and Tim’s podcast Emergency Broadcast Network, (  Tim explains the mission he is on to help people and save lives.

Guest:  Tim Howard, Founder of Common Sense Preparedness

Download Common Sense Preparedness with Tim Howard MP3



Rob_Potter_Shoot_Right_125x125Show 17: Gun Safety and Education, C.A.A.S.E.S. with Rob Potter, March 10, 2013

Tony & Rob discuss the mission of C.A.A.S.E.S. (Children’s and Adult Safety Education Services) Shoot Right which is to teach both children and adults proper weapons training and use for both firearms and archery.  CAASES offers classes at their facility as well as at various expos in the state including Ben Avery’s Frontier Days Expo and PrepperFestAZ Expo.  This show “take a way” is how CAASES can be used by those already familiar with firearms to help enroll those who are intimidated with firearms to become comfortable with them.  CAASES uses air guns which have a relatively quiet report in comparison to a firearm that uses gunpowder.  The instructional environment is often without ear protection and is much less threatening than a live round firing range.  Also it is a lot cheaper to use pellets instead of ammo, 500 rounds of 22 caliber pellets only cost $8.00, so it is a much more cost effective way to improve your shooting skills than live ammo.  They also cover the new firearms laws in Arizona that now allow air guns in most hunting scenarios.

Guest:  Rob Potter, Founder of C.A.A.S.E.S.

Download Gun Safety and Education, C.A.A.S.E.S. with Rob Potter MP3


Prepper Patch Radio, OathkeepersShow 16: Oathkeepers with Arizona Chapter President Gerald Rhoades, March 3, 2013

Tony and Gerald discuss the critical mission of Oath Keepers which is to remind all military and civilian authorities that they took an Oath to uphold the constitution and to maintain their integrity they are to STAND DOWN if ever ordered to violate their Constitutional Oath.  This show “take a way” is sharing the Oath Keepers vital message and to get it out to the public and all law enforcement officials.  Tony & Gerald also discuss Operation Sleeping Giant, a program within Oath Keepers, which encourages all retired military personnel to prepare for future disaster response and civil unrest by maintaining a prepping supply and educating their friends and neighbors to also prepare.  They also discuss Sheriff Mack and the Supreme Court decision to strike down numerous elements of the Brady Bill which were ruled unconstitutional.  The pivotal court ruling reminded everyone of the extremely limited role of federal government in the United States.  Something our legislators in Washington need to be frequently reminded of.

Guest:  Gerald Rhoades, Arizona Chapter President of Oathkeepers

Download Oathkeepers with Arizona Chapter President Gerald Rhoades MP3



Steven_Cates_125x125Show 15: Protecting Our Constitutional Rights with Steven Kates, February 3, 2013

Steven Kates and Tony discuss Constitutional Rights and the growing encroachment on our rights by the increasingly socialist U.S. government. Steven has two radio shows on 1100 KFNX, which is the same station that The Prepper Patch Radio Show broadcasts on.  One is “A Call To Rights” which is all about preserving and protecting our constitutional rights. A second is called “Dr. Sky”, and focuses on Steven’s passion for astronomy.

Guest:  Steven Kates A.K.A. Dr. Sky

Download Protecting Our Constitutional Rights with Steve Kates MP3



Nick_Klein_125x125Show 14: Raising and Processing Rabbits with Nick Klein, January 27, 2013

Nick & Tony discuss how raising rabbits is your quickest and cheapest solution for producing protein in your prepper diet.  From birth to butcher in only 8 weeks, rabbits can quickly produce a huge supply of protein.  They are easy to raise, reproduce well … like rabbits, and very inexpensive to feed.  Learn how you can start raising rabbits for your off the grid, self-reliant protein production.

Guest:  Nick Klein, Founder of Hostile Hare

Download Raising and Processing Rabbits with Nick Klein MP3



Chuck_Untersee_Behold_A_Pale_Horse_125x125Show 13: Behold a Pale Horse, The Movie, Chuck Untersee, January 6, 2013

Tony interviews Chuck Untersee, director of the documentary movie, Behold A Pale Horse, which features Charlie Daniels and several well-known advocates on preparing for the future including Gerald Celente, Jim Marrs, Joel Skousen, Lt. General William Boykin, Dr. Katherine Albrecht and Dr. Stan Monteith.  This movie exposes the socialistic agenda end game of the U.S. Government and draws numerous parallels of how this is occurring with amazing similarity to the communist takeover of Post-World War 2 Romania; as recounted by Elena Chitta who lived through it. The movie is a wake-up call to U. S. citizens to begin preparing for a very different America, and encourages listeners to find the courage to speak out about what is happening and warn others to prepare while they still have the opportunity to do so.  Tony believes this movie is the single best tool preppers can use to WAKE-UP their family and friends to Snap Out of the Normalcy Bias and prepare for the next Black Swap Event with a Life Assurance Plan.

Guest:  Chuck Untersee, Director of Behold A Pale Horse

Download Behold a Pale Horse, The Movie, Chuck Untersee MP3



Chef_Tess_Bakeresse_125x125Show 12: Prepper Cooking with Chef Tess Bakeresse, December 30, 2012

Chef Tess helps Tony explain to THE PREPPER PATCH listeners the basics of a food storage and preparation program.  The emphasis is on how storing food is only half the solution. Preppers need to obtain recipes that will work within the limitations of their food storage plan and even more importantly, TEST these recipes by preparing and serving them to their family ahead of a crisis.  It is critical to go through the learning curve of discovering what ingredients are missing and what recipes are acceptable to your family, AHEAD of an emergency situation.  Chef Tess covers how to pre-package your own meals ready to eat in Mylar bags and Mason jars.  Tess & Tony also discuss how critical it is to getting children involved in the planning and cooking of preparedness meals, so they cultivate the skills to become more self-reliant.

Guest:  Stephanie Peterson A.K.A. “Chef Tess Bakeresse”,  Honeyville Farms

Download Prepper Cooking with Chef Tess Bakeresse MP3



John_Moore_125x125Show 11: High-ranking Gov’t Reports on Nibiru- Planet X by John Moore, December 23, 2012

Tony’s guest, John Moore, has conducted exhaustive interviews and studies with countless military and government individuals regarding Planet X, AKA Nibiru, who confirm that Planet X, our solar systems 10th planet does exist and will cause tremendous devastation when it next passes by earth.  John lists numerous high ranking government officials who have confirmed Planet X exists, and that many coastal government agencies are building replacement headquarters much further inland to avoid having their existing coastal headquarters damaged by the impending coastal flooding.  Dec 21, 2012 was a false date for Planet X, and could serve to lull the public into ignoring the real warnings when Planet X’s approach and likely devastation is imminent. John’s website has a number of resources for pointing those interested in learning more about Planet X.

Guest:  John Moore A.K.A. The Liberty Man

Download High-ranking Gov’t Reports on Nibiru- Planet X by John Moore MP3



Tony_Tangalos_125x125Show 10: The Apocalypse in Movies & TV, DECEMBER 16, 2012

Tony conducts a brief review of several movies and TV shows that depict a post apocalypse America with Kenny & Shiloh Jezek; who are starring in their own upcoming apocalyptic movie Jack Phoenix.  Together they review the Revolution & Colony TV shows and The Village, The Postman, 2012, The Road, The Book of Eli, Red Dawn, Red Dawn 2012, I Am Legend and Mad Max movies pointing out which elements seem credible (Postman) and which seem ridiculous (2012).  They also review some upcoming movies, Behold A Pale Horse and Grey State, and of course Jack Phoenix.  Listeners are encouraged to order Behold A Pale Horse at and to view the trailer for Grey State at  Grey State, currently in trailer only form, is about what many believe America will look like in a few years with an out of control government imposing a police state, martial law and squashing of our remaining constitutional rights as they eliminate dissention, all in the name of providing the illusion of safety.

Guests:  Kenny & Shiloh Jezek, lead actors in the upcoming movie “Jack Phoenix”

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Bill_Haynes_125x125Show 9: Smart Gold & Silver Investing, CMI Gold & Silver, December 2, 2012

Tony interviews Bill Haynes of CMI Gold & Silver about the basics of Financial Prep 101.  If you are looking for solid resources to obtain reliable information on the extremely fragile condition of the U.S. Dollar which is poised to go through hyper-inflation and then collapse, as all fiat currencies eventually do; AND what to do to protect yourself now, before it happens, this show delivers.  Tony & Bill provide in depth explanations of the government debt crisis and provide numerous websites that illustrate that the dollar is about to complete its journey into loss of reserve currency status, hyper-inflation and eventual collapse.  Near the end of the show, Tony & Bill offer solutions for how to protect your wealth by converting your fiat currency, the U.S. Dollar into REAL currency, Gold and Silver bullion.  They also offer warnings to those thinking about getting into Gold and Silver to beware the majority of coin dealers that attempt to sell numismatic coins, often at 40-100% or more mark up over their bullion value.  Gold and silver coins have intrinsic precious metal value as a rare commodity.  Junk silver, which is pre-1965 U.S. quarters, dimes and halves are both Bill & Tony’s favorite bullion investment of choice.

Guest:  Bill Haynes, Founder of CMI Gold & Silver

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Doreen_Pollack_125x125Show 8: Introduction to Permaculture- Valley Permaculture Alliance, November 25, 2012

Doreen Pollack, executive director of the Valley Permaculture Alliance is Tony’s guest and they discuss the basics of Permaculture.  Tony firmly believes it is ESSENTIAL for Preppers to get deep into Permaculture, which stands for PERMAnent AgriCULTURE.  No matter how much food you store, it will run out someday, those getting into Permaculture learn how to grow crops and raise livestock to create a sustainable, enduring, endless food supply which may be essential to survival if we encounter a sustained disruption to our food supply from a major black swan event.  Dorreen also discusses how landscaping trash, Mesquite pods are a great source of beans thatr can be ground into flour and used for cooking.  This is a great primer for preppers interested in learning how to use Permaculture to grow an endless food supply.

Guest:  Doreen Pollack, Exec Director, Valley Permaculture

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Lisa_Bedford_125x125Show 7: The Survival Mom™, Lisa Bedford, November 18, 2012

Lisa Bedford, A.K.A. “The Survival Mom” discusses her book with the same name, which is a great read for people looking for a well rounded introduction to prepping book.  Specifically targeting women readers it actually is a great read for men as well, as it measures out how to become prepared instead of hitting readers with a firehose like many prepper authors do.  Lisa discusses how to get kids into prepping without scaring them and how to get families started down the road of prepping.  This is a great introduction to the prepping movement and is particularly effective in enrolling women into prepping.  Men, if you want to enroll your spouses/girlfriends into the self-reliance lifestyle, play this episode for your significant other and let Lisa charm your significant other with her sensible approach to preparedness.

Guest:  Lisa Bedford, Author “The Survival Mom”

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Rob_Hanus_Preparedness_Podcast_125x125Show 6: EMPs & Faraday Cages with Rob Hanus, November 11, 2012

Tony interviews Rob Hanus, founder of The Preparedness Podcast who discusses how we live in an increasingly fragile world where disasters really smack people up side the head.   They discuss how critical it is to have a preparedness plan in place with food, water, shelter preparations in a grid down situation and how despite warnings very few people prepare for disasters.  Rob distinguishes the difference between an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME).  Rob also discusses his faraday cage research and design.  Rob’s website is

Guest:  Rob Hanus, Founder of The Preparedness Podcast

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Vince_Finelli_USA_Prepares_125x125Show 5: U.S.A. Prepares Expo LIVE from Springfield, Missouri, November 4, 2012

Tony visits Vince Finelli’s Springfield, Missouri Get Prepared Expo and interviews 4 vendors.  Dr. Norman Sheely, founder of the American Holistic Medical Association, Ron of Freeze Dry Guy, Mr. Joel Johnson “The Real Mcguyver” & Mr. John Moore “The Liberty Man”.  This interview was broadcast in a trade show environment with a poor connection and lots of background noise.  It is somewhat difficult to hear the conversations.

Guests:  Several U.S.A. Prepares Expo vendors including Joel Johnson “the Real McGyver”, Mr. John Moore “The Liberty Man”

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PPtch_James_Talmage_Stevens_125x125Show 4: October 28, 2012Why & What Should People Prepare for with Doctor Prepper™

This is Tony’s first of many interviews with one of the true founders of the preparedness movement, Mr. James Talmage Stevens A.K.A. Dr. Prepper.  40 years ago James wrote what many still consider today as the very best comprehensive soup to nuts prepper book called “Making The Best of the Basics:  The Family Preparedness Handbook” which has sold over 800,000 copies and is widely regarded as the bible of the self-reliance movement.  James and Tony compare and contrast real preppers from the extremist portrayals of preppers on TV shows like Doomsday Preppers.  This is a great show for beginning preppers and particularly for those who are skeptical of the prepping movement as it help break away the stereotypes of preppers as portrayed on TV and illustrates that REAL preppers are simply people who live the Boy Scout motto: “BE PREPARED.”

Guest: James Talmage Stevens A.K.A. Doctor Prepper, author, instructor, founder of

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Tony_Tangalos_125x125Show 3: What a Model Prepper Meetup Group Looks Like, October 21, 2012

This show features Jerome Erickson & Tony discussing the non-profit prepper networking group Jerome founded; AZ Survival.  AZ Survival is a rapidly growing meetup group focused on providing weekly preparedness training and networking to the public in the Phoenix area.  This vital meet-up group offers Phoenix area preppers an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other preppers and also to network rural property owners with preppers whom are seeking a rural, self-reliant bug out community to join.  In the intro to the show, Tony quickly summarizes the critical prepper definitions of Normalcy Bias, Black Swan Theory and Life Assurance Plan, as well as listing his favorite websites including for thousands of preparedness podcast downloads from leading preparedness advocates, for hard hitting videos on how to prepare for the coming hyper-inflation and collapse of the U. S. dollar, for how to fearlessly prepare for any future challenge,, for a great Permaculture resource with over 10,000 members and, a website for pointing people to what appears to be credible information on Nibiru (Planet X). For more information about AZ Survival, including upcoming preparedness meetings open to the public, please visit

Guest:  Jerome Erickson, Founder of AZ

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Vince_Finelli_125x125Show 2: Prepping Basics with Vince Finelli of Get Prepared Expo, October 14, 2012

Vinnie and Tony discuss the basics of the preparedness movement, how you have to THINK FOR YOURSELF, and step out of the Normalcy Bias.  Vinnie discusses some of the nationally famous instructors he will feature at his upcoming Get Prepared Expo in Springfield, Missouri.  A great intro to prepping show for those just falling out of the Normalcy Bias matrix and waking up to the increasingly fragile world we live in.

Guest:  Vince Finelli, Founder of U.S.A. Prepares Expo and fellow prepper radio show host

Download Prepping Basics with Vince Finelli of Get Prepared Expo MP3



Lance_Baker_125x125Show 1: Lance Baker’s Arizona Survivalist Prepper Expo, Mesa, AZ October 7, 2012

Tony Tangalos broadcasts his inaugural The Prepper Patch Radio Show live from Lance Baker’s Arizona Survivalist Prepper Expo at the Commemorative Air Force Museum in Mesa, Arizona.  Tony interviews a number of Lance’s vendors and celebrates the growing prepper movement in Arizona.

Guest:  Lance Baker, Founder of Arizona Survivalist Prepper Expo

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