Secrets of a Survivalist, Rick Austin

Rick Austin Host ImageShow Description: From retreat construction, to self defense, to growing food, each week you will learn something new that you can use for your own survival preparedness. Read Rick’s latest article Plant Your Own Secret Survival Garden on NatGeo’s site. About the Host: Rick Austin is a long time survival expert and has been using sustainable living and home building practices for 30 years. He is a permaculture gardening, solar, and off-grid living expert and has been a guest speaker to architectural, agricultural, sustainable building, and survival preparedness conferences. His presentations contain real life examples, photos, and anecdotes.  Rick is both informative, and entertaining.

On his show Secrets of a Survivalist, Rick talks with the best off-grid and survival experts, to discuss their own secrets of survival. From retreat construction, to self defense, to growing food, each week you will learn something new that you can use for your own survival preparedness.
Rick’s book Secret Garden of Survival-How to Grow a Camouflaged Food-Forest is available in print, and for both Kindle and Nook.
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Show 70: Apocalyptic Pharmacy- A Prescription to Avoid Disaster

How can you obtain emergency supplies of prescription medication in advance of a disaster? (There are loop holes you can take advantage of NOW.)

How effective are meds after their expiration dates?

Why does aspirin that is degrading, smell like vinegar?

Where is the worst place to store medicine? (You probably do it.)

Where can you get extra antibiotics for emergency use? (Hint- get your teeth cleaned.)

Why is there a sudden shortage of doxycycline- the drug for treating cholera and typhus? (What does the government know that you don’t know?)

What are the basic, necessary, over the counter products that we should all have on hand?

Listen to all this and more as Steven Ohliger, pharmacist and author of Apocalyptic Pharmacy- A Prescription to Avoid Disaster tells all on this week’s Secrets of a Survivalist Radio Show.


Download Apocalyptic Pharmacy- A Prescription to Avoid Disaster MP3



SOAS-PrepperAndPreacher-KeithIton-2015-125x125Show 68: The Prepper and the Preacher

Did you know that many Christian pastors are now having the same dream about Russians attacking America and about a coming giant tsunami?

Listen as Keith Iton, preparedness speaker, author and pastor talks about his new book The Prepper and the Preacher- A Spiritual Survival Guide.

Keith shares real life examples of people in survival situations, who should not have survived, except for their faith and prayer.

Find out why Keith says that most pastors and churches in America are not telling their parishioners to prepare, and why that is wrong!

Keith will show you how your relationship with God can make you a more effective and survivable prepper.

Noah entered the Ark for safety. The best Ark today is…

Find out all this and more at this week’s Secrets of a Survivalist Radio show.


Download The Prepper and the Preacher MP3



SOAS-SURVIVAL-DENTISTRY-125X125Show 67: Grid-Down Dentistry

The mouth is the gateway to the body, and your mouth can make or break you in a survival situation.

Because of its proximity to sinuses, nerves, and the brain, an infection in your mouth (caused by tooth or gum problems), can lead to a severe infection in the rest of your body, and yes- even death!

And in a world without dentists, anesthetics, antibiotics, and the proper instruments, a simple cavity or injury to your gums could be a death sentence.

Chris Howell was an R&D Scientist and post-secondary instructor for the dental health profession and is also a prepper.

Listen to the Secrets of a Survivalist Radio Show to find out how, a long term grid down situation will bring dental care back to the dark ages.

And, more importantly, find out what you can do to keep you and your family healthy, with some very simple steps, and by stocking up on some simple items, that can turn the odds in your favor.


Download Grid-Down Dentistry MP3




PR_Carolina_Readiness_Supply_125x125Show 66: How to Prepare and What to Do When, From Experts That Have Been Asked Every Question

Seeing people every day in various stages of preparedness, Bill and Jan Sterrett of Carolina Readiness Supply, have a lot of knowledge that they can share about the right and wrong ways to prepare.

Find out when to use MREs, Freeze Dried Foods, dehydrated foods and canned goods after a crisis- and when to use them during the crisis.

Learn about bartering, what to barter, and what to store that you can use as barter. Learn about storing water, storing foods, and storing oil so it won’t go rancid. Find out where to store your food, and it is not the same place you are going to want to store your toilet paper.

Find out the basic needs for storage, and where to get the most bang for your dollar.

Find out about their upcoming hands-on learning event (Heritage Life Skills) where you can actually practice skills that you need to know.

Find out about all this and more during this week’s Secrets of a Survivalist Radio show.


Download How to Prepare and What to Do When, From Experts That Have Been Asked Every Question MP3



SOAS-65-SurvivalEscapeEvade-125Show 65: Escaping and Evading a Threat

Former Special Operations soldier and security advisor to multi-national companies gives tips and tricks to avoid being captured, mugged, or killed in a survival situation.

Find out how to move, when to travel, and how to be the “gray man” in an urban environment.

Also find out the best places to hide in the woods, and how to travel across country with a minimum opportunity for contact with bad guys.

Find out how to bug in, and defend your family and property, including best practices, the best weaponry, and non-conventional defenses to keep you alive in an attack.

Macca is the owner of Southern Son Outdoors; a tactical survival training business that specializes in tactical training for the whole family, as well as security awareness and evasion techniques.


Download Escaping and Evading a Threat MP3



SOAS-065-OATHKEEPERS-125X125Show 64: Oath Keepers: The Last Guardians of the Republic and the Constitution?

Who are the Oath Keepers? What do they do? And Why?

What is this national association of active duty and veteran military, law enforcement, and firefighters doing in your community to protect you?

You may have seen Oath Keepers for the first time providing over-watch for many of the businesses during the riots in Ferguson, MO. But they are so much more than that.

Oath Keepers were founded after the National Guard was seen taking legitimate weapons out of the hands of law abiding citizens during the Katrina disaster.

Find out what Oath Keepers is all about and why today, they do more to train and teach disaster preparedness than any other activity.

Find out why you need to know them and why they may be the last and best hope to stop tyranny in the US.


Download Oath Keepers: The Last Guardians of the Republic and the Constitution? MP3



SOAS-63-Home-Grown-Food-Summit-MWShow 63: The Home Grown Food Summit- What’s it all about anyway?

What is the best way to raise chickens for a prepper?

What is the Home Grown Food Summit and how can you watch it- for free?

What are the best methods of food production for a survivalist?

What are the easiest food sources to grow and why?

Find out why you need a gun to be a gardener. Find out all the amazing offerings at the Summit, and what presentations will be most helpful for survivalists.

Download The Home Grown Food Summit- What’s it all about anyway? MP3



SOAS-63-OldGrouchyMilitarySurplus125x125Show 62: Old Grouch’s Military Surplus

Old Grouch’s Military Surplus is one of my favorite “prepper-toy stores”. These guys really know their stuff when it comes to preparedness gear, clothing, shelter and food. Listen to this podcast to:

Find out what real military surplus is, why it is better, and how to tell the fake stuff from the real stuff.

Find out what are the biggest mistakes people make when they look to buy tactical gear like vests, ammo pouches and the like.

Find out what are the most popular surplus items for preppers and why. (And find out what may not be popular- but what you still need to have to survive.)

Find out why military ponchos and tarps are so popular, what you can do with them, and why they are a “must have” for any survival situation.

Find out about MRE’s, the difference between military and civilian ones, and find out how if you buy the wrong ones- from the wrong source- they could kill you (botulism) instead of save you.

Find out all about survival gear- what you need, what you don’t need; how to tell the good stuff from the bad stuff; what to look out for, and what to snatch up as soon as you see it!

Download Old Grouch’s Military Surplus MP3



SOAS-62-PrimitiveBlacksmith-125x125Show 61: Primitive Blacksmithing — for Preppers and Homesteaders

Blacksmiths have been around for over 6000 years- long before the existence of forges, bellows, and anvils.

Find out how you can use blacksmith skills in a disaster situation by using the most timeless and simplest of materials- earth, fire, air and water- to make tools and weapons.

Find out how to fix the tools you have or make new tools, when there are no more stores to buy them from.

Find out how to build a simple forge at home and how you can start developing a skill set that could make you a valuable member of any preparedness community in a grid down situation.

Find out how to make hard steel for sharp blades, and soft steel that doesn’t break- all in the same knife, ax or tomahawk.

Find out how to make charcoal- and why you need it in order to melt metal.

Find out how broken down vehicles can become your best source for hard steel that you can use to make tools that can save your life!

Download Primitive Blacksmithing — for Preppers and Homesteaders MP3



SOAS-61-SimpleKnotsThatCanSave Your LifeShow 60: Simple Knots That Can Save Your Life!

What are the top knots you need to know for survival? What kind of ropes are there and which are the best to carry with you in your bug out bag? What do you use if you don’t have any rope? Why is paracord so popular? What are the best books, websites and YouTube channels that can teach you how to tie those most important knots?

Download Simple Knots that can Save Your Life! MP3



SOAS-60-UVpaqlite-125x125Show 59: UV Paqlite- The Ultimate Forever Light

UV Paqlite (U V Pack Light) provides alternative light sources which do not use batteries, bulbs, or electricity. These unique reusable glow lights are made from proprietary rare earth elements fused into glow crystals that glow all night long, recharge quickly by simply absorbing light, and unlike cyalume glow sticks that only last a few hours- the UV Paqlite material literally lasts forever.

They can recharge in minutes in the sun, by artificial light, or simply by ambient light in a room, and they will continue to glow all night long.

Imagine all the uses for preppers, bushcraft, survivalists, camping and homesteaders.

You can attach these reusable Glow Sticks, Necklaces, Nitelites, and Gear Tags to important items you want to find in the dark (i.e. kids, keys, flashlights, backpack, etc.). You can even use these lights to see underwater!

And you can use the UV Paqlites and UV Matlites as battery free night lights in bedrooms, tents, and campers. They even have a light that will light up an 8 man tent all night long.

Find out how they work, and how they can provide you with enough light to see, without giving away your location to potential marauders in a grid-down civil unrest scenario.

Download UV Paqlite- The Ultimate Forever Light MP3



SOAS_59_VriliacHumanPoweredGenerator_125x125Show 58: Human Powered Generator: Make Electricity with Pedal Power!

Exactly how can you turn pedal power into emergency electricity? The Vriliac Human Powered Generator allows you to do just that! Built with components that you can buy at Lowe’s, made to be portable, strong, and easy to operate, this little generator can provide you with backup power that can be stored in its battery. Able to operate your electronic devices, radios, and even a microwave oven, it’s even EMP proof- and not even solar power can say that!

Find out more about the Vriliac Human Powered Generator, how you can buy one, or how you can build one, on this week’s Secrets of a Survivalist Radio show.

Download Human Powered Generator: Make Electricity with Pedal Power! MP3



SOAS_58_RadiationPreparedness_125x125Show 57: Radiation Preparedness: An Invisible Killer

Radiation dangers are still with us, they are just not as much in the public eye as with the Cold War era.

The media has convinced us that nuclear war and nuclear winter are not survivable.

The result is that most survivalists or preppers are ignorant of radiation preparedness; which is truly the least understood topic for those trying to prepare for emergencies.

The good news is that, with a little knowledge and minimal investment, nuclear events are survivable.

Listen to this Secrets of a Survivalist radio show and find out what sources of radiation should we try to protect ourselves from:

  • How to prepare for and protect yourself from beta and gamma radiation,
  • Do preppers really need to build a bomb shelter?,
  • Do preppers need any radiation detection equipment? If so, what kind?,
  • What is the biggest radiation danger we face now?
  • What are we to do when our grid collapses and when all our nuclear power plants automatically shut down at once?
  • What is to be when there are no means of running their cooling pumps…..Can you say “Kaboom” ?

Download Radiation Preparedness: An Invisible Killer MP3



SOAS_57_BeeKeepersForPreppers_125x125Show 56: BeeKeeping for Preppers with Fred Nichols

Why should Preppers keep bees? What dangers does this present, if any? How much work is it to keep bees? What equipment is required?

  • Find out how to use honey bees for security!
  • Find out the all the uses for honey as a Prepper.
  • Find out how the many ways to extract honey.
  • Find out how a prepper can use beeswax beyond just making candles.
  • Find out how to extract the wax and take the stickiness out of it.

What are the different types of bee hives and what are the benefits of each? What is Colony Collapse Disorder and what causes it? How can you prevent your bees from getting it? Find out how losing the honey bee as a society will lead to a breakdown of human society. And learn what you can find out from Fred Nichols of Greenhill Bee Supply if you come to Prepper Camp 2015! Find out all this and more in this week’s Secrets of a Survivalist Radio show.

Download BeeKeeping for Preppers with Fred Nichols MP3



SOAS_JWR_Liberators125x125Show 55: Preparing Against Today’s Biggest Threats

Listen to James Wesley Rawles, – the New York Times Bestselling author of the Patriots series of survival novels (and the Senior Editor of, discuss what the biggest threats to this country are at this time, and what you can do to prepare for them.

Also find out about his latest novel, titled Liberators, on the Secrets of a Survivalist Radio Show.

Download Preparing Against Today’s Biggest Threats MP3



SOAS_Practical_Preppers_125x125Show 54: Everything You Wanted to Know About Prepping (Almost) In Less Than 60 Minutes

Everything You Wanted to Know About Prepping (well- almost), in just an hour with Scott Hunt. If you listen to any interview this year about prepping- you need to listen to this one! This show has an incredible amount of information in it, about so many preparedness issues, that you will want to take notes! Find out the nuances of everything from water systems, heating, and energy, to what to look for in the best bug out, or homesteading location. Meet Scott Hunt, alias: Engineer 775, alias Practical Preppers. Find out about Water delivery systems: Ram Pumps, Solar Submersible and Surface pumps, River Pumps, Spiral pumps, Simple Pumps, hand pumps, and filtration. Find out about Energy Alternatives, Hybrid Battery Backup systems that include, solar, generators, hydro, and wind power. And Find out about Retreat System Design (Sustainability), Hot water, Heating ( woodstoves including outside wood heaters), cooking, canning, Sanitation, Food, Medical, Security etc.

Find out how his new book and his new DVD can help you prepare for almost any crisis!

Download Everything You Wanted to Know About Prepping (Almost) In Less Than 60 Minutes MP3



SOAS_SchoolofNaturalHealing_125x125Show 53: Herbal Healing – The Prepper’s Medicine Cabinet

Herbs and herbal medicine have been around for longer than man has been on this planet. Herbs are “natural” and nature’s pure medicine in the optimal arrangement of chemicals that have unbelievable healing power. Before there were pharmaceutical companies and the FDA, there were herbs. Find out what you can use when there are no more drug stores, or doctors for that matter. Find out how the FDA’s outlawing of certain herbs is good for the pharmaceutical companies – but bad for you. Find out what you need to grow and what are the most important herbs to have on hand for a prepper. Find out why the proliferation of SSRI’s like Prozac and Zoloft are more dangerous to you than heroine addicts in a grid down situation. (Hint: every mass shooting over the last few years has been by someone on these drugs.) And find out why our military is handing out these drugs to our soldiers like candy! Did you know that the drugs used to treat ADD are in the same class of drugs as cocaine? Did you know that ADD can be cured by simply changing the food they are eating? How do using antibiotics kill the 6lbs of good bacteria in our bodies that help us digest and maintain our normal biological health? How can Garlic replace them? What are the 2 best herbs to store if you anticipate being in a disaster?

Find out all this and more, on the Secrets of a Survivalist Radio show this week as Rick Austin interviews David Christopher of the School of Natural Healing!

Download Herbal Healing – The Prepper’s Medicine Cabinet MP3



SOAS_Archery_As_Part_of_Your_Preps_125x125Show 52: Archery as Part of Your Preps

What kind of archery equipment does a World Class Archer use? (This may surprise you.) Why would a traditional bow be better for a prepper than an new high–tech compound bow?   What is the pros and cons of compound bows v.s. traditional bows?

What is “instinctive” shooting, how do you aim a bow without sights? How hard is it for the average person to learn to shoot a bow well? Where would someone get the proper training to become a successful archer? What type of equipment would you recommend for a beginning archer? What is one of the biggest misconceptions that the general public has about archery and bow hunting?

Listen to Scott Moore, world class archer, competitor, teacher and prepper, talk about what you need to know, if you are thinking about using bows and arrows as part of your preps.

Download Archery as Part of Your Preps MP3



SOAS_CH125x125Show 51: The Survival Group Handbook’s Charley Hogwood

Why should you consider working with others in a survival group?   Does a survival group really need any leadership? Is there any particular way to lead such a group? What are the common problems in survival groups? How can your group prevent these kinds of problems?  How many people should a group have? Where do you look for people who think like you do?   Should a group have any specific plans of action? Should member roles be defined or should everyone just do what it takes? Should a group have regular meetings, if so what would they do at a meeting?

Find out all this and more by listening to Charley Hogwood of and author of The Survival Group Handbook.

Download The Survival Group Handbook’s Charley Hogwood MP3



SOAS_JoeNobody_125x125Show 50: Post-Collapse Living…From Fear to Fighting

Joe Nobody writes what are the best-selling books for prepper defense.

Joe has been listed on Amazon’s Top 100 Best Seller’s List, as well as the Top 500 ranking among all Amazon listed authors. Joe’s preparedness manuals and novels total over 300,000 copies in print. And over the last three years, his titles have ranked #1 in six different genres, including both fiction and non-fiction categories.

Maybe Joe’s books have been so successful because he speaks from experience.

Before he was an author, Joe provided systems, consulting and training for the U.S. Army,   Department of Homeland Security, the Office of Naval Research, and the US Border Patrol, as well as several private firms and government agencies which cannot be disclosed.

  • Why did he choose Joe Nobody as a pen name?
  • The top 3 most important preps for security?
  • The best single survival weapon?
  • Why is certain military equipment, not the best available out there for preppers?
  • Post collapse, whom should we fear most? (Hint: it’s not gangs of ex-con mauraders…)
  • What is Joe Nobody’s greatest single piece of advice to all Preppers?
  • Should you plan to bug in or bug out? (Hint: Math)
  • Why are most Americans ignorant about how violent, uncaring, and inhumane desperate people become?
  • How can your home or bug out location can become a trap?
  • Why is salt one of the most simple key preps?

Download Post-Collapse Living…From Fear to Fighting MP3


SOAS_Liberty_125x125Show 49: What is the Liberty Convention Initiative?

We all agree the federal government is too big, too overreaching, and too out of control…but what can we do about it?

In a Gallup Poll released the day after Independence Day- The USA- now ranks #36 in all countries in the world in terms of freedom… that is behind Cambodia, United Arab Emirates, and Uzbekistan…And the US has slid 24 places since Obama took office…(before Obama was president, the US was at #8…now we are #36!)

Learn about The Liberty Convention Initiative and its effort to solve the problem of a runaway federal government that has long since ceased to conduct itself in accordance with the Constitution and the best interests of its true constituency — the American people.

Polls — even those conducted by the liberal media — show that the approval ratings of the President and Congress are at all-time lows, and that more than half of the citizenry is willing to say that that the country is headed in the wrong direction.

More and more citizens are becoming convinced that elections don’t matter — that the incumbent politicians are so entrenched that replacing them is a near impossibility.

The Liberty Convention Initiative offers a strategy for achieving relatively quick wholesale changes in how the federal government does the country’s business, and who does it.

Listen to the Secrets of a Survivalist radio show to find out more!


Download What is the Liberty Convention Initiative? MP3


SOAS_CyndiKoelkerMD_125x125Show 48: Armageddon Medicine’s Dr. Cindy Koelker

  • Which SINGLE antibiotic should you keep for an emergency?

Did you know that pharmacies only typically have a 2 day supply, so just like the grocery stores, they will be out of drugs in a catastrophe?

  • Which is a better doctor to have in a disaster scenario- a solo physician, one in a group practice, or one in a hospital?
  • Which doctor would be more likely to give you a supply of drugs “just in case”?

  • Did you know that you can use certain OTC medicines in place of prescription meds?
  • How can corn silk can be used for high blood pressure?
  • What plant you can use if you have a heart attack?
  • What medical lab and test kits can you order on

Find out all this and more when you listen to Dr. Cindy Koelker, author of Armageddon Medicine on this week’s Secrets of a Survivalist radio show.


Download Armageddon Medicine’s Dr. Cindy Koelker MP3


SOAS_MarkGoodwin_125x125Show 47: The Economic Collapse Chronicles with Author Mark Goodwin

Mark Goodwin is a Christian constitutional author and the host of the popular Prepper Recon Podcast which interviews patriots, preppers and economists each week on to help people prepare for the tough times ahead.

Mark holds a degree in accounting and monitors macro-economic conditions to stay up-to-date with the ongoing global meltdown.

The troubling trends in the political and financial landscape have prompted him to conduct extensive research within the arena of preparedness.

In Mark’s first trilogy, The Economic Collapse Chronicles, he weaves his knowledge of economics, politics, prepping and survival into an action-packed tapestry of fast-paced, post-apocalyptic fiction.

Mark is also an upcoming speaker on the Summer of Survival webinar series.

Hear what he has to say on the Secrets of a Survivalist radio show.

Download The Economic Collapse Chronicles with Author Mark Goodwin MP3


SOAS_MW_125x125Show 46: Grow Your Own Groceries!

Marjory Wildcraft has been called the “Most Dangerous Woman In America” and is the leader of a growing movement of people becoming free of supermarkets and drugstores by growing, preparing, and preserving their own food and medicine.

Her video series “Grow Your Own Groceries” which helps you create an organic food producing paradise in your backyard

  • How much of your own food do you need to grow? What is the biggest mistake you can make when you start growing your own food?
  • What are the easiest food sources to grow, and why? (Hint: it’s not what you think it might be.)
  • What is the secret to a green thumb?
  • Why is being part of a like-minded community so important when it comes to gardening?
  • How do you get your kids to understand the need for home butchering?
  • What are the top 3 tips for people wanting to setup their own vegetable garden?

Download Grow Your Own Groceries! MP3


SOAS_JoelSkousen_125x125Show 45: World Affairs – And Why Preppers Should Care!

What does the Federal Reserve, the value of the dollar, underground cities in China, Russian expansionism, and rogue nuclear nations like North Korea have to do with the survival of the United States?

Find out about hidden one world government agendas, communists taking over leadership of the governments in countries all around us, and how communists have infiltrated the highest levels of our own government.

Find out why World War III will be a survivable nuclear war, and why they will use EMPs against our citizens and targeted nukes against our military installations, so that they can take over our infrastructure intact. And after 80-90% of our population dies (after the EMPs), they will just walk in and move into our homes, offices, and factories.

Are the Russians and Chinese really plotting to destroy us and take everything our soil?

Will a new World War be just what our own government is waiting for to declare martial law and take away our Bill of Rights?

Listen to this week’s Secrets of a Survivalist radio show to hear Joel Skousen who publishes the World Affairs Brief, to find out.

Download World Affairs – And Why Preppers Should Care! MP3


SOAS_VincedeNiro_125x125Show 44: Prepper & Shooter’s Vincent L. DeNiro

Vince DeNiro is the Editor-In-Chief of Prepper & Shooter Magazine and he has over 31 years of experience working in the firearms and defense industries.

In fact, Vince led the effort to defeat of the first “assault weapons” ban in the U.S. in 1989.

Vince also worked as a weapons armorer for Hollywood and worked on over 50 movies.

With a Ukrainian mother and grandparents who escaped from the Nazis in WWII- his grandparents had to be preppers to survive… so Vince learned history, politics, and preparedness skills from his grandparents who came to America.

Listen to learn:

  • What’s really going on in the Ukraine today, why this is about tyranny, and what we need to understand to protect our own country?
  • What are the Russians and Chinese doing underground (literally) that should make you wonder what their plans are for the USA…?

With many young preppers not understanding history and being disconnected from society, Vince states that we are vulnerable to WW3 nuclear war scenarios like never before.

Having a martial arts background, Vince also gives practical recommendations to the audience for learning hand to hand self- defense.

Listen to learn how Prepper & Shooter Magazine’s Primary Survival Gun Evaluation System can help you to evaluate weapons you may consider buying.

Find out how Prepper & Shooter Magazine is compared to other survival magazines; find out about its latest issue, and where to get it.


Download Prepper & Shooter’s Vincent L. DeNiro MP3


SOAS_SOS_125x125Show 43: Summer of Survival

Summer of Survival—with the clever abbreviation— SOS ––is a free webinar series running every Tuesday and Thursday evening starting on June 3rd and running through August 21st this summer.

Watch the world’s leading experts discuss virtually every area of preparedness and self-reliance.

You can find out more by listening to this broadcast with Cindy Thompson, the founder of the event, as well as the Life Changes. Be Ready! preparedness events.

Find out who will be speaking on what topics, as well as tips on changing the way you live that will make you and your family more sustainable, more self-reliant, and better prepared for any disaster.

Disasters don’t make scheduled appearances… they show up unannounced. Either you’re ready, or you face the consequences. Getting ready for the next unexpected crisis is now easier than ever.

This year the online event that changes everything you know about preparedness training starts June 3rd with online survival training taken to a whole new level. Register now and get all 12 weeks of training Absolutely FREE!

Download Summer of Survival MP3


SOAS_Ham_Radio_125x125Show 42: Ham Radio 101: Staying Online When Everything’s Offline

How do you get information in a disaster when TV, radio, the internet and cell phones don’t work? Everyone has heard that you need to have a Ham Radio if you are a prepper. Now you can listen to this show to find out all the ins and outs of Ham Radios for preppers. Get the answers to questions like: Do I still have to learn Morse code to get a Ham license?   Is it hard to get your Ham radio license? Why should I use Ham radio instead of just using my cell phone? Can I use ham radio for business? Why is ham radio important to me as a prepper? What is the minimum equipment that I should have for Ham Radio? How far can I talk using Ham Radio? How many Ham radio license levels are there? How much do Ham radios cost? Can anyone become a Ham radio operator?

Listen to this week’s Secrets of a Survivalist Radio show and learn from a Ham radio instructor, who is also a first rate prepper, for the answers to these and many more Ham Radio questions.


Download Ham Radio 101: Staying Online When Everything’s Offline MP3


SOAS_EbolaShow 41: Ebola Virus & Pandemics, Doctor Bones & Nurse Amy

Worried about the E-bola virus and other potential pandemics? Well- you should be! Ebola- there is no cure and no treatment. And this new strain is has a mortality rate of 50-90%.

Listen to this show to find out:

  • What exactly is a pandemic?
  • How do pandemics spread?
  • What causes a common illness, like the flu, to become deadly?
  • How is this Ebola outbreak different from all the rest?
  • How do you become medically prepared against this type of disease?
  • What supplies should we have in our medical storage?
  • How do you set up a survival sick room?

Find out this and a lot more on this week’s Secrets of a Survivalist Radio show, where we ask Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy how to prepare for this potential world-wide disaster.


Download Ebola Virus & Pandemics, Doctor Bones & Nurse Amy MP3


SOAS_Sun_Oven_125x125Show 40: Cook with the Power of the Sun

What can you cook in a SUN OVEN?  What is the cooking temperature range? Will food prepared in a SUN OVEN taste the same as food prepared in my conventional oven? How long does it take? Does a SUN OVEN require special pots and pans? Can more than one thing be cooked at the same time?  Will I need to be concerned about getting burned when using a SUN OVEN?  How long will a SUN OVEN last? Do I need special recipes to cook in a SUN OVEN? Can I use a SUN OVEN in the winter? Can a SUN OVEN be used to dry or dehydrate foods?

Listen to Paul Munsen, President of Sun Ovens International to find out why a Sun Oven is a must for any prepper or homesteader.

Download Cook with the Power of the Sun MP3


SOAS_PreppersLament_125x125Show 39: The Prepper’s Lament, Author Ron Foster

What are the chances of a cyber attack on our power grid? Would this be a recoverable event, or is it more like an apocalypse?  Does the government have any plans in place for this type of an event? What are the estimates on the mortality rate of a cyber or attack on our grid?  Who has the capabilities to launch cyber attacks on our grid system?  How do you prepare for this type of an event?

Listen to Ron Foster – author, emergency management  expert,  and prepper, and learn more about his exciting newest book  The Preppers Lament.


Download The Prepper’s Lament, Author Ron Foster MP3


SOAS_Jonathan_Ward_Ultimate_Bug_Out_Vehicle_125x125Show 38: What is the Ultimate Bug-Out Vehicle?

Should the Ultimate Bug-Out Vehicle be diesel or gas powered? What type of filtration system would allow it to run on multiple fuels?  Why should your bug out vehicle not only be EMP proof- but EMF proof?  Did you know that the government now has the technology to take over control of the typical vehicle today?  What goes into special ops vehicles that travel in plain sight, but go undetected and blend into their environment?

Meet Jonathan Ward of ICON, the company that rebuilds and perfects perhaps the finest 4×4 vehicle ever made, the Toyota FJ40.  These vehicles are sold all over the world and are used in the harshest environments- from the Arctic Circle to jungle swamps, to the Sahara Desert, because these vehicle work- no matter what.

Download What is the Ultimate Bug-Out Vehicle? MP3



SOAS_Julie_125x125Show 37: Essential Oils: Essential for Survival!

What can you take as alternative medicine for injuries, anxiety, sickness, shock, headaches, or diarrhea in a disaster?

How would you boost your immune system, kill microbes in the air and heal quickly if you got infected during a pandemic?

What can you do in a disaster if your heart medicine runs out and you cannot replace it?

What can you do if someone who had been on psychotropic drugs no longer has these drugs and now doesn’t have an “off switch”?

Julie Behling- Hovdal spent years in Russia as part of a mission.  She experienced  first-hand how non-western medicine is used in practice.  While in Russia, Julie lived through a financial crisis- and saw what can happen with the devaluation of currency.  She also lived through hurricanes, and years of debilitating disease which could not be cured, until she used essential oils.

It’s about plant medicine- from “God’s medicine cabinet”- and essential oils are the most concentrated form. (For example: you would have to drink 26 cups of peppermint tea to give you the equivalent potency in only on drop on essential peppermint oil).

Find out:  What exactly are essential oils and how are they different from herbs;  why essential oils are ideal for preparedness-minded people to use and store;  how essential oils can be useful in a disaster scenario; how essential oils can be powerful medicines to help with cold, flu, infectious disease in general, and potential pandemic;  how you can use essential oils to help you get off prescription drugs; what are the two essential oils that people can start with that can replace 50 other survival medicines;  the 3 basic ways to use essential oils.

Listen to learn how:

  • Essential oils can be used with babies, the elderly, and even pets and livestock;
  • Stop bleeding with essential oils;
  • Pull someone out of shock with essential oils;
  • Make essential oil “morphine bomb” capsules for pain;
  • Kill 99.9% of airborne microbes with essential oils;
  • You should never use health food store essential oils or cheaper essential oils for these applications.

Listen Julie Behling-Hovdal of  and author of “The Essential Survival Guide to Medical Preparedness” to find out about all this and more on the Secrets of a Survivalist Radio Show

Download Essential Oils: Essential for Survival! MP3


SOAS_Nurse_Pete_125x125Show 36: Critical Medical Knowledge for SHTF

What are the best plants to grow to stop pain, bleeding, burns and a heart attack?

How can taking the wrong antibiotics in a disaster make you susceptible to a disease that can kill you even faster?

What should you REALLY have in your first aid kit?

What is the first and 2nd most important items to have at the very top  when you open your first aid kit?

What home remedies can you use in an emergency that can save someone’s life?

Did you know that ingesting campfire ash mixed with water can cure life threatening diarrhea?

Did you know that now under Obama Care – even if you come in for a sore throat, Doctors are  required to ask if you have guns in the home…? Do you know who else is getting that information?

Did you know that if you take Chantix to stop smoking, under Obama Care the government can revoke your 2nd Amendment rights?

Find out all this and more from Nurse Pete on the Secrets of a Survivalist Radio show this week.

Nurse Pete has worked in the medical field since 1976. He began his career as an EMT with a hospital based ambulance service. Later he served as a combat medic in the Army National Guard. His nursing career of 25 years includes working as an emergency room nurse and he currently works on a cardiac monitoring unit.

Nurse Pete is also a speaker at Prepper conferences where he talks about emergency medical issues, and triage that all of us could face in a disaster situation.

Listen to this weeks’ Secrets of a Survivalist Radio show to find out more!

Download Critical Medical Knowledge for SHTF MP3


TonyTangalos125x125Show 35: Prepperfest Expo Arizona 2014, Interview with Founder Tony Tangalos

Why is a guy who had a multi-million dollar income, multiple homes, condos, and took European vacations (only to lose it all in the sub-prime melt-down), now running one of the best Prepper Expos in the country?  Meet Tony Tangalos of PrepperFestAZ, and The Prepper Patch Radio Show.

Want to know how to get your friends, family and loved ones, to get over “normalcy bias” (where they don’t want to believe that anything could go wrong)?  What are the three most critical prepper definitions?  What are the10 stages of self-reliance awareness?

You can find out all this and more at PrepperFest AZ next weekend (March 21 and 23) in Scottsdale AZ.  With hundreds of vendors, and 75 classes taught by 50 experts, you can find out just about anything you need to know about prepping and living a self-reliant lifestyle.  You can even buy livestock for your homestead at the event!

Some of the things you can see are bug out trailers, ham radio, a permaculture pavilion, a healthy living pavilion, GMO free gardening, Gluten Free foods, Gold and Silver dealers, animal husbandry- chickens, quail, rabbits, a petting zoo- goats, chickens, rabbits, specialty seeds, bee keeping, canning, tactical skills, constitutional rights advocates, suturing, distilling alcohol for fuel, meals in a jar, as well as tactical and survival training.

Listen now to find out about Monsanto’s creation of Franken-Seeds, and GMOs that are killing us, and why our government won’t do anything about it.  (Hint: Obama’s Food Czar at the FDA is the former VP of Public Policy at Monsanto!)

Also find out about Tony’s new project Prepper Games: that combines firearms, tactical and practical survival training, where participants receive HANDS ON experience in areas that many preppers desperately need.

And find out about Tony’s Prepper Ranches-fully stocked and prepared Bug Out locations for self -reliant living- with solar power, well water, livestock, gardens, crops, aquaponics, greenhouses and other amenities, to enable owners to live a totally “off the grid” lifestyle.

To find out about all this, and why prepping is not just for doomsday– it is for every day, by listening to this week’s Secrets of a Survivalist radio show.


Download Prepperfest Expo Arizona 2014, Interview with Founder Tony Tangalos MP3


Conflicted_Game_Decks_125x125Show 34: Play to Survive, Survive to Win: Conflicted the Game

Want to know what a potential prepping partner really thinks, and what they would really do in a survival situation?  Want to have a way to approach a prepper conversation with family, friends, co-workers or a neighbor? Want to find out if someone would truly have your back in a survival scenario?

Well there is a way.

“Conflicted” is the hottest survival scenario game out there, and is a simple deck of cards that presents thought provoking survival situations, where you can play in pairs or a group of people and listen  to what they would (or would not) do in an apocalyptic world.

Meet the owner and brainchild behind the game, JD Dutra, and listen to how the game was developed, how it works, and what you can learn from playing it.

See why Survivor Jane, Southern Prepper 1 and so many others in the preparedness community love this game!


Download Play to Survive, Survive to Win: Conflicted the Game MP3


SOAS_ConcealNCarry_125x125Show 33: Conceal N Carry Network’s Chris Dixon

Whether your focus is preparedness, self-defense, hunting, self- sufficient, or personal protection,  all of us would like to know more about firearms, training, and safety.

The Conceal & Carry Network website works like a mega search engine to find  local (FFL) firearms dealers, gunsmiths, gun ranges, gun training classes,  manufacturers, 2nd amendment information, podcasts and much more.

Did you know that the Bank of America (and other banks) are now terminating businesses’ credit card processing, if they sell firearms?  Your 2nd Amendment rights are under attack and we all need to do our part to secure that right. Find out how this website and a credit card processing company are working to keep gun dealers in business, and donating profits to foundations that want to protect our 2nd amendment rights!

Download Conceal N Carry’s Chris Dixon MP3


SOAS_Survivor_Jack_125x125Show 32: Survivor Jack AKA Jack Jobe

Did you know that the best blood clotting agent sits on your dinner table? ; The 10  simple things to always carry on your person (not in a bag) to save yourself in any survival situation? ; How to use humor to talk to someone who is “not on board” with prepping? How severe dehydration can turn people into zombies? (No- REALLY-it can!)

Survivor Jack  (Jack Jobe) is an Emmy-nominated TV Photojournalist, voice actor, and a radio talk show host whose favorite interview was Bruce Lee – yes, Kato from TV’s Green Hornet series.

While watching the rescue of a teenage girl from a collapsed building  (a full 15 days) after the Haiti Earthquake, Survivor Jack dedicated himself to promoting Universal 1st aid and basic Survival Training for the rest of his life.

Survivor Jack has been featured on National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers, and today he travels speaking to children and adults alike, about the simple things they can do to prepare for the disasters happening all around us.


Download Survivor Jack AKA Jack Jobe MP3



Back_to_Basics_Charlotte_Feb_2014_125x125Show 31: Back to the Basics Homestead Event

Want to know how to raise chickens, milk a goat, suture a wound, butcher an animal, make your own bow and arrows, navigate using a compass (day and night), how to cook good tasting food from storage, how to grow the Secret Garden of Survival, how to make  medicines from wild herbs, how to make fire, how to create your own cosmetics and grooming aids, how to make a shelter in the woods, and the benefits of raw milk?  Then listen to this show about the upcoming Charlotte Back to the Basics one day event, where you can learn all of the above (and more) using your own two hands!

Download Back to the Basics Homestead Event MP3



SOAS_030_Charley_Hogwood_125x125Show 30: Plan, Organize, Build Your Mutual Assistance Group, Charley Hogwood

Want to know how to create a prepper group- and do it successfully?

Just what is a MAG (Mutual Assistance Group) anyway? What should you consider before you seek out potential prepping friends and where should you start looking?  How do you talk to people without sounding crazy and without giving away any secrets?   How prepared should a candidate be before you consider them for your group? How many people should a group have?  What are some ideas to help the group work together better and reduce conflict?  Should a group have regular meetings, and if so, what should you do at a meeting? And, should your group accept money from members, in place of participation?

Find out all this and more on this Secrets of a Survivalist radio show.  This week we talk with Charley Hogwood, Author of the book:  MAGS- The People Part of Prepping – How to Plan, Build, And Organize a Mutual Assistance Group in a Survival Situation.

Charley has many years of experience in the military as a Reconnaissance Scout and Infantry Squad Leader where his job was to train and lead people of various skill levels and personalities in a multitude of missions in the field. Charley holds 35 FEMA certifications and a certificate in Emergency Management. He took his passion of preparedness to work by creating Personal Readiness Education Programs where he trains people in the ways of survival and preparedness.

Want to know how to create a prepper group- and do it successfully?

Download Plan, Organize, Build Your Mutual Assistance Group, Charley Hogwood MP3



SOAS_Melissa_K_Norris_125x125Show 29: Pioneering Today: Faith and Home the Old Fashioned Way, Melissa K. Norris

Do you know what the term” Pioneering Today” means? Want to know more about true heirloom gardening?   How can busy people still cook real food from scratch? Can this lifestyle cost you less money? Get tips for getting started, as well as what foods to store in large quantities.

This week’s Secrets of a Survivalist radio show talks to Melissa K. Norris, author, speaker, and radio show host. Her books and articles are inspired by her family’s small herd of beef cattle, and forays into quilting and canning (without always reading the directions first). She practices the skills passed down for generations through her family, including their own strain of heirloom green bean seed, and teaches others how to implement the best of the pioneer lifestyle into their modern lives.



Download Pioneering Today: Faith and Home the Old Fashioned Way, Melissa K. Norris MP3



SOAS_hypothermia_125x125Show 28: Hypothermia with Doctor Bones & Nurse Amy

Cold enough for you? Learn how to recognize and treat hypothermia, what to do when a boat capsizes, or when someone falls through the ice, as well as other kinds of injuries that can occur from exposure to cold like frostbite and trench foot.

Listen to Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy who are  medical preparedness experts, with the  #1 amazon bestseller in survival skills- “The Survival Medicine Handbook”  and find out about preps and how to treat medical issues caused by extreme cold.

Download Hypothermia with Doctor Bones & Nurse Amy MP3



James_Talmage_Stevens_125x125Show 27: Learning from Doctor Prepper™

Doctor Prepper™  has recorded over 680 preparedness  radio shows; but few have interviewed him….Now, almost 75 years old,  but with more energy than most people 1/3rd his age, James Talmage Stevens  AKA:  Doctor Prepper,  is an entrepreneur, author, publisher, radio show host and owner of the Preparedness Radio Network™.  He is also an all-around nice guy who is loved by his fans and is a wealth of knowledge  and encouragement to those of us trying to prepare our families to get back to basics.

Doctor Prepper’ s Making the Best of Basics-Family Preparedness Handbook– is now in its 29th printing. With over  800,000 copies sold, it is the best-selling preparedness book of all time.

The Preparedness Radio Network­™, with almost 5 million downloads,  is also the  #1 preparedness radio network,  where consumers looking for preparedness information spend more time,  than on ANY of the other top 50 preparedness websites.

Listen and learn lessons and preparedness tips from someone who has been an inspirational leader and educator in the preparedness field for over 25 years.

Download Learning from Doctor Prepper™ MP3


SOAS_26Show 26: Medical Waste Nuclear Dirty Bombs, Anthrax, and Smallpox with Dr. Tom Stoner

How easy is it for a terrorist to launch a biological weapon attack against the US? Well, come to find out- you should be VERY concerned. Listen to a doctor who served in the USAF Medical Corp from 1995 to 2005 where he worked to control the threat of Anthrax and Smallpox to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Find out why he believes that a dirty bomb using nuclear medical waste, small pox and weaponized anthrax are among the top threats facing us from terrorists. Find out about realistic vaccine availability, as well as other preparedness first aid needs such as suture and wound care management, bleeding control, and basic life support from Dr. Tom Stoner, a medical doctor who is also a preparedness expert, author, and disaster preparedness speaker.

Download Medical Waste Nuclear Dirty Bombs, Anthrax, and Smallpox with Dr. Tom StonerMP3


PRN_SOAS_Realistic_Safety_Strategies_For_Women_125x125Show 25: Realistic Safety Strategies for Girls and Women Do you have a daughter, girl-friend, wife, sister or mother that you care about? Are you concerned about their everyday survival and well-being, as well as their ability to survive and protect themselves in a disaster situation?  Listen to this show and find out how traditional gender roles impact the ability of girls and women to stay safe and survive in crisis situations, and what are the biggest dangers that girls and women face.   Does intuition play a role in survival?  What do girls and women worry about most when it comes to personal safety and survival? Is it possible for females to physically protect themselves from a male attacker who’s bigger and stronger?  What’s the best weapon for girls and women?  What’s the number one thing girls and women should be doing to prepare for disasters and catastrophes?

Most people believe survivors are the hard, tough, ‘Rambo’ types. It’s important to for everyone, but especially girls and women, to understand that survival is not necessarily about “toughness”. In fact, there are five qualities that characterize true survivors that are really surprising.

Download Realistic Safety Strategies for Girls and Women MP3


SOAS_Pets_For_Vets_Clarissa125x125Show 24: Courage, Hope, Valor: The Lifesaving Therapy of Pets for Vets If you appreciate our veterans, and if you have ever loved a pet- YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS SHOW!

Did you know that 22 of our military veterans commit suicide every single day?  Often times these men and women have experienced such unthinkable trauma- both physical and mental, that it is difficult for them to come back home and live a normal life.  All too often our military men and women have had to leave the best parts of themselves out on the battlefield.

In the same regard, there are countless perfectly healthy and loving,  but abandoned dogs in the US, that end up being euthanized,  simply because they have no place to call home.

Pets for Vets is the brainchild of Clarissa Black, who realized that animal therapy for veterans in the VA setting worked- but she thought-  Why shouldn’t these vets be able to get “therapy” 24/7?

Today Pets for Vets runs a “match-making service” for homeless dogs and sometimes hopeless veterans, and the result changes each life for the better.

Listen to how Pets for Vets finds specific dogs for each specific veteran, and how they train each dog before they move into the veteran’s home, with specific training geared toward that vet’s needs.

Listen to the heartwarming stories of vets and their pets who were “saved” by each other, and how neither is a statistic now, as a result.  Listen to how these vets have overcome PTSD, reduced their need for medication, been helped to return to society, and how their companion dog, made them whole again.

If you care about our veterans, and want to thank them for their service- you need to listen to this show.

Download Courage, Hope, Valor: The Lifesaving Therapy of Pets for Vets MP3


SOAS_Santa_Claus_125x125 Show 23: Santa Claus Is A Prepper Did you know Santa Claus was a prepper? This week on the Secrets of a Survivalist radio show Santa makes a special appearance and takes some time out of his busy holiday schedule to discuss how he lives on his self-sustaining homestead with his prepper community of little people just north of the Arctic Circle.  Find out how they grow food, raise livestock, get milk, eggs, and the ingredients needed for pumpkin pie from his sustainable greenhouse.  Find out what they do for fun and how they keep their sanity in their isolated environment. And find out what Santa thinks about what is going on in the world, about children today, and how we as parents can better prepare them for the world as we know it.  Find out why Santa thinks a simpler lifestyle would be good for everyone, and how we can all help to put tradition and the real meaning back into Christmas. And find out about Santa’s website where you can play games, meet the elves and send him a letter and your wish-list for Christmas. Whether you are a child, or a child at heart- this is a great prepping show to listen to with your whole family! Merry Christmas to all! Peace on Earth. Good will toward men.

Download Santa Claus Is A Prepper MP3

line PR_Carolina_Readiness_Supply_125x125Show 22: A Prepper’s Shopping Paradise Jan and Bill Sterrett own Carolina Readiness Supply, and have a retail and on-line store that some would call a Prepper’s Shopping Paradise.  If you are looking  gift items for that prepper in your life (even if that prepper is YOU!) you should hear what Jan Sterrett has to say on the Secrets of a Survivalist Radio show.  As a long time prepper and having run educational seminars, homesteading conferences and the like, Jan knows a little something about prepping. Listen to her advice as she talks about bug-out bags, food supply, canning, lighting, water purification, the different ways to store food, as well as medical supplies and cooking!  Carolina Readiness will give you advice, and customize your food storage, and bug out bags, specifically for your needs. Find out some tips and tricks, and find out how you can get gift certificates for that special someone prepping in your life!

Download A Prepper’s Shopping Paradise MP3 line Secrets of a Survivalist, Survivor Jane's new bookShow 21: Winning Her Over…Prepper Lessons from Survivor Jane As they say, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.  Men and women think and communicate differently. Ever wonder why most women are not on board with prepping?  Want to know how you can get your girl  friends, wives, daughters, and mothers into a preparedness mindset?  Then you have to talk to them like they are women.  And that doesn’t necessarily mean about guns, ammo and cammo. This week the Secrets of a Survivalist Radio show sits down with Survivor Jane- who founded which is the #1 disaster preparedness site for women, as well as one of the top preparedness websites in the world. Survivor Jane also created #preppertalk on twitter which is the largest prepper community worldwide and that has nightly tweet chats on preparedness subjects, reaching over 300,000 people. Find out how she went from a self-professed “oblivious to what was going around her city girl” to one of the most revered survival and preparedness experts in the world. Find out how to get your female loved ones on board with preparedness and find out about her new book. Guest: Survivor Jane, Author of Where There Is No Cosmetic Counter- How not to look like a zombie- even after the end of the world as you know it

Download Prepper Lessons from Survivor Jane MP3 line SOAS-020-DoomsdayPreppers_AlanMadison125x125Show 20: Alan Madison, Executive Producer of Nat Geo’s Doomsday Preppers Exclusive interview with Doomsday Preppers’ Executive Producer Alan Madison! Listen to Secrets of a Survivalist Radio Show’s exclusive interview with Doomsday Preppers’  (and Doomsday Castle’s) Executive Producer Alan Madison!   Listen to Alan as he talks about the inside stories of preppers and their preps from his experience producing three seasons and 48 episodes of Doomsday Preppers,  featuring over 100 preppers in 40 states.  Find out why he thinks the TV series has been so successful and why so many “non-preppers” are tuning in to find out how to become preppers. Listen to hear about some of his favorite preppers, preps,  stories, and preparedness tips, and what he is doing to be more prepared as a result. Guest: Alan Madison, executive producer of Doomsday Preppers & Doomsday Castle

Download Alan Madison’s Doomsday Preppers’ MP3 line Secrets of a Survivalist, Michael MabeeShow 19: Building Up Your Community’s Civil Defense What is “Civil Defense” and why should you be involved?  Since the Cavalry is NOT coming in a major nation-wide disaster, if you believe that individuals should be self-sufficient, shouldn’t your town or community be self-sufficient too? Find out why towns need to be prepared to be able to provide their own food, water, security, sanitation and medical, in the case of a nation-wide disaster such as an EMP attack. Find out the best resources for EMP information. And why does Al Qaeda need to own cargo ships anyway? Find out how you can create your own Community Emergency Response Team, that your local government can’t object to, because it is sanctioned under FEMA! Guest: Michael Mabee, Author of Prepping for a Suburban or Rural Community

Download Michael Mabee MP3 line Grannie Pam Cook bookShow 18: Interview with Author Grannie Pam When the grid goes down, how do you keep from eating storage food that tastes like crap? How do you keep beans and rice from getting “monotonous”, and still provide nourishing, wholesome meals without food fatigue? Well, you don’t have to give up good tasting meals, just because you are in a disaster situation. And just because you are using food stores, that is no excuse for serving your family meals with poor flavors. Meet Grannie Pam, expert in food preparation, canning, dehydration, and food storage who has written a new cook book specifically for Preppers called:  Grannie Pam’s Prepping With Big Flavors. Find out how long home canned foods last; how to make cheese from powdered milk; and all the wonderful things you can make with just basic sourdough starter, yogurt and vinegar! Find out how you can make food out of all your stored flour and wheat berries, when the store bought yeast runs out. And find out why prepper food doesn’t just have to be for a catastrophe- it’s about being frugal and saving money right now! Guest: Pamela Peters, Author & Food Prep Expert

Download Grannie Pam MP3   line  Ron FosterShow 17: Interview with Author Ron Foster Did you know that the next terrorism attack may be a simultaneously coordinated Chechnyan /Beslan like attack on 6 schools in 6 different cities?  Why is the FBI concerned that there is a 1000% increase in applications by Muslims to be school bus drivers? Why are preppers less prepared this year than last year? Did you know that if any government official labels you a “terrorist” today, you lose all of your constitutional rights- just by being labeled? Why should you prepare to be “homeless” before preparing to “bug out”?  Did you know that you can find almost everything you need in a survival situation in your kitchen drawers?   Guest: Ron Foster, Apocalyptic Novel Writer, Homeland Security and Emergency Management Expert

Download Ron Foster MP3


Rich DavisShow 16: Investing In Real Assets with Guest Rich Davis Which assets did the robber barons own during the great depression and WWII?  What are today’s billionaires and World Political Powers striving to control? Why is a rural farm or survival garden an even better form of personal wealth? Let’s take the Hansel and Gretel approach –and follow the bread crumbs –to find out where the world’s elite billionaires and their Alma Maters investing? What can you can do as a prepper? Guest: Rich Davis, Founder of BEST FQ and is the Manager of a non-traditional asset portfolio which invests in Real Assets- specifically:  Clean Water, Agricultural & Farm Land, Precious, Base Metals & Minerals Mining , Energy, & Timber.

Download Rich Davis MP3


Secrets of a Survivalist: Show 15 Jay BlevinsShow 15: Lone Wolf Survival VS Surviving In a Group: Is it best to have a survival group or to be a lone wolf? Should you reveal your preps or keep them a secret? Are you mentally and spiritually prepared for uncertain times? How do you get your kids prepared? How can you get others involved and set up a prepper network? With our national debt surpassing 17 Trillion dollars- do you really understand how much a trillion is? Guest: Jay Blevins, Author of Survival and Emergency Preparedness Skills: Mental Physical and Spiritual Readiness for Uncertain Times, Former Deputy Sheriff & SWAT Officer, with appearances on Access Hollywood Live, CNN, Doomsday Preppers, The Steve Harvey Show, and The Today Show.

Download Jay Blevins MP3


Texas Ready Lucinda BaileyShow 14: The Truth About Seeds  What should you look for when buying, planting and storing seeds? If you want to produce enough food to eat, why should you have only 10% vegetables, 30% root crops, and 60% ground cover crops? What’s wrong with freezing seeds? Why shouldn’t you buy seeds sent through the post office? What can you plant to get rid of squash bugs? Do some GMO seeds contain genes from infertile humans? How many canning jars do you really need for a year’s worth of food? What is the best seed saving book you can buy? Guest: Lucinda Bailey– known as the “Seed Lady”

Download Lucinda Bailey MP3 lineJames Wesley RawlesShow 13: What Might I Be Missing in My Preps?  What are the three most likely disasters to face America? Thinking about relocating to lightly-populated regions? Why does he write novels instead of survival manuals? What would life be like without the power grids? What is the highest priority for family preparedness? Why is it important to have food storage and a garden for self-sufficiency? What do we need for family sanitation? What is well-balanced preparedness, whether the threats of EMP and solar flares are exaggerated by the media, and what are some the things that are most often overlooked by preppers? Hear about his new book Expatriates…how is it different from his other books? Jim Rawles tells it all. Guest: James Wesley Rawles, Author of the famous prepper novel series Patriots and editor of

Download James Wesley Rawles MP3 lineMike McCauslandShow 12: Take An All-Hazards Approach at Preparedness  How are weather patterns changing? Why are superstorms becoming commonplace? How are water shortages and water pollution creating a major problem for Preppers? How is the wheat virus in Russia going to create food shortages in the USA? How does NASA’s statement that says there is a 1 in 8 chance for a super solar storm (take out the electrical grid) will happen this solar cycle? Will there be a pole shift of the sun in the next 3-4 months? How do you take an “all hazards approach” to be prepared for 90% of what could happen? Guest: Mike McCausland, of Survival Key

Download Mike McCausland MP3 lineJoe and Amy AltonShow 11: A Talk with the Doc & His Nurse How is the new Survival Medicine Handbook different from other first aid books? How can refrigerated food that smells fine kill you? How can you still get ill, even if you’re only 2% dehydrated? How can you make rehydration solution out of your food stores? Why are pandemics more to likely to occur than the Spanish Flu that wiped out 50 million people in 1928? How do 80% of antibiotics we are “taking” come from the food we eat? How can a simple cut kill you in a disaster? Why are garlic and honey the best medicines? What are the best medicines and medical supplies to have? Why are fish antibiotics the same doses as human antibiotics? Guests: Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, Authors of The Survival Medicine Handbook

Download Doc Bones and Nurse Amy MP3 lineBrent Sr.Show 10: A Man’s Preps Are His Castle Why does Brent call this interview the most detailed interview he has ever been given? What motivated him to become a prepper? Where did he get the idea to build a castle? How did the National Geographic series come about? Does Brent have faith or a belief system? What does Brent think a Dad’s responsibilities are to their families? How will his new website help people at all levels of preparedness? What does Brent know about the government stockpiling and government installations? Why does the barbed wire face inward? Guest: Brent Sr., of National Geographic’s show Doomsday Castle

Download Brent, Sr. MP3 lineJennifer ElswickShow 9: Food is Food is Food All food storage is the same- right? Wrong! What are the biggest differences in their pre-packaging, #10 cans, and storage foods? How can you have storage food without GMO’s, MSG, chemicals, and that looks like and tastes like the beautiful label on the can? How can it save you money? How do you save yourself and your family, while at the same time saving money? Guest: Jennifer Elswick, of Thrive Life Food Storage

Download Jennifer Elswick MP3 lineSean Tounn & Jason Matyas, Beyond Off Grid DocumentaryShow 8: Going Beyond Off-Grid Learn insights on the documentary/educational film Beyond Off Grid. How would you like to “visit”  homesteads of some of the most innovative off-grid living experts from all over the country? How do they manage to be completely self-sustaining? Is our national infrastructure truly fragile? What about our financial & national food systems? the electrical grid? Are you one of the faceless victims in the coming catastrophe? Why doesn’t it matter how much gold you have? Are we still the most free country on earth? If you opt for convenience, can you ever escape being a slave to the system? What is the difference between perceived liberty and true liberty? How can this film can help you attain true liberty? Guests: Sean Tounn (Director), Jason Matyas (Executive Producer), of the documentary Beyond Off-Grid

Download Sean Tounn and Jason Matyas MP3 lineRob UnderhillShow 7: Ensuring Your Family’s Survival How would your family survive the aftermath of a solar flare which takes down the country’s power grid? How quickly will civilized society unravel? What must every family do to survive? What are solar flares and electromagnetic pulses? Just how fragile is the electric grid? What is the “Shield Act legislation” and why has Congress still not passed it? What specific skills are needed to protect your family and to survive a catastrophic power outage lasting for years? Guest: Rob Underhill (Producer/Director), of the film The Carrington Event

Download Rob Underhill MP3 lineNick KleinShow 6: Rabbits, the Other White MeatWhy are rabbits the ultimate Prepper food source? How can 1 female rabbit create 64 “kits” (~200 lbs) of meat for you and your family each year? Why don’t you have to preserve rabbit meat? Do you know how much rabbit meat you can raise with the same amount of feed used for 1 lb of beef? How can rabbit pellets be used as fuel? How does 25 lbs of barley seeds create 400 lbs of feed for your rabbits in just 7 days? Why does rabbit meat price 50% cheaper than chicken meat, pound for pound? Also, how can you enjoy FREE off-the-grid air conditioning by digging a hole in the ground? Guest: Nick Klein, Owner of Hostile Hare

Download Nick Klein MP3 lineRichard DuarteShow 5: An Attorney’s Rude Awakening What “enlightened” Richard to the need of being self- reliant? How is urban survival different from suburban or rural survival? How do you hide in plain sight during civil unrest? How do you protect yourself, your family and your assets, when disaster happens in the city? Why do YOU need to know this, even if you don’t live in the city? How do you take control and how to stop living in fear of an urban threat? What are the mindset, knowledge and skills needed, that will allow you to survive, even if your home and all your worldly possessions (including all your food storage, and supplies) have been wiped off the face of the planet? Guest: Richard Duarte, Attorney & Author of Surviving Doomsday- A Guide for Surviving an Urban Disaster

Download Richard Duarte MP3 lineScott HuntShow 4: Engineering Ingenuity Ever wondered who rates the preps featured in each episode of Doomsday Preppers? As an engineering genius and consultant that creates all kinds of gadgets and solutions for those of us that are homesteading and prepping, why are engineering skills in such demand for people who are building Prepper retreats and homesteads? What are the ins and outs of: Water delivery systems? Ram Pumps? Solar Submersible and Surface pumps? River Pumps?, Spiral & Simple Pump hand pumps, and filtration? What about energy Alternatives: Hybrid Battery Backup systems including solar, generators, hydro, and wind? How about Sustainable Retreat System Design: Hot water? Heating? ( Wood stoves – including outside wood heaters), cooking? canning? Sanitation? Food? Medical? Security?, etc. Guest: Scott Hunt, of Practical Preppers, National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers Consultant, and Engineer

Download Scott Hunt MP3 lineTara DodrillShow 3: Writing AmericaWho is Tara Dodrill? Why is she a staunch supporter of both the Constitution and the Second Amendment? Tara is an off-grid enthusiast who frequently writes about natural health remedies and ecotourism. Her credits include Yahoo News, USA Today, The Inquisitr, and a stint as a local newspaper editor. Guest: Tara Dodrill, Writer & Off-grid Enthusiast

Download Tara Dodrill MP3 lineDonna MillerShow 2: Totally Invested in Preparedness What drives Donna to host three radio shows: “Surviving on Shoestrings” on The Survival Mom Radio Network, “Your Preparation Station” on the Preparedness Radio Network and “Encouragement in the Kitchen” on Blogtalk Radio? Why, along with her husband Joe, have the Millers organized the WNC Preparedness Group in Asheville, NC? Learn more about Donna, including her service as an Adjunct Instructor for Frontier Christian University, as well as a teacher, author, sought-after speaker and trainer. Guest: Donna Miller, Owner of the Always Ready Store, Miller’s Grain House, and PREPARE Magazine

Download Donna Miller MP3 lineRick AustinShow 1: Doctor Prepper™ Interviews the Survivalist Gardener™What exactly is a “Secret Garden of Survival”? How is it the key to your very own food-forest? Learn more about Rick Austin & his expertise in sustainable living and home building practices over the past 30 years. As a permaculture gardening, solar, and off-grid living expert, he has been a guest speaker to architectural, agricultural, sustainable building, and survival preparedness conferences. His presentations contain real life examples, photos, and anecdotes, with an informative and entertaining delivery. In his new show Secrets of a Survivalist, Rick talks with the best off-grid and survival experts, to discuss their own secrets of survival. From retreat construction, to self defense, to growing food, each week Rick offers something new that you can use for your own survival preparedness. Guest: Rick Austin, interviewed by James Talmage Stevens AKA Doctor Prepper™, Author of Making the Best of Basics–Family Preparedness Handbook & Creator of the Preparedness Radio Network™

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